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One Act Previews

Rachel, Theatre Academy | Originally Published: 1/30/2018

Watch to see what is coming!

I was able to film with directors and the actors some snipbits for a preview of this weekend's one acts! 

One Act Preview from Rachel on Vimeo.

Video Transcript:

Rachel: Can you state the name of your play and what it's about?

Student Directors: The name of my play is...

Mary Smith: Haiku by Katherine Snodgrass is a beautiful story about family, autism,compassion and optimism.

Drew Anderson: Out of Their Heads is about three teenagers in England in the mid-nineties who get involved with drugs, and how their lifestyle begins to change.

Yridia Ayvar: The Most Massive Woman Winsis about four wemon in the waiting room of a lyposuction clinic who tell their stories of weight issues with rhymes, scenes, and monolouges in hopes of finding themeselves beautiful and whole.

Joseph Marcelo: Mechant Enfant, it's about these two children Brandon and Louise and how they seek shelter from the outside world. It's about grief, loss, innocence, and being open to your options.

Shawna Merkley: Titan Stop, it's about a young guy named Milo that is desperately trying to find love by stalking this girl, only to find out that she has a boyfriend. So, he then tries to flirt with everyone else, only to find that they all have signifigant others as well. Love, rejection, humiliation. It's a comedy, so it's funny.

Jesse Trout: Darlene by Ar Gurney, and it explores the depths of passion, lust, and rekindled desire in the shoes of a married couple.

Paola Fregoso: Los Vendidos by Luis Valdez, and it's the story of an opportunist, sell-out Mexican who sells his own blood, his own people, to make a living. But everything changes when a white-washed Mexican walks into the shop.

Rachel: Thank you!

About The Author

Rachel is a Theatre Major and a member of the LACC Theatre Academy from the Bay Area. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue theatre and is currently in her second year.

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