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Campus Maps & Parking

Parking Information

Where to Park

Student Parking Lots

Students may park in Lots 1, 2, and 3. Lot 1 is the surface parking area, and Lot 2 is the parking structure. Lot 3 is for ASG Preferred Parking only (see below). Parking in other lots, even during the first week of the semester, will result in citation. There is no grace period for parking in the wrong lot or in other designated/reserved spaces.

Parking Permits

All parking is by valid parking permit, which may be purchased at the LACC Business Office, or paid parking meter in designated lots as posted. A valid parking permit must be displayed at all times the vehicle is parked in a college parking lot throughout the semester, including weekends and holidays. Permit hangers should be hung so that the colored side faces the windshield. The purchase of a parking permit allows access to the designated parking lot but does not guarantee a parking space.

(NOTE: Except for the first two weeks of classes when parking is more congested than usual, the top level of the parking structure (Lot 2) typically has available parking throughout the day. We recommend that you arrive early to allow time to secure a spot and walk to class. It takes approximately 6-8 minutes to walk from the lots to the center of the campus quad.)

Parking Fees

ASG Preferred: $27.00

Allows you to park in Lots 1, 2, and 3. Additionally, the ASG Preferred parking entitles you to receive the benefits of ASG membership. These benefits include free photocopying, Blue Books, Scantrons, computer use with Internet Access; student representation on important decision making bodies; and sponsorship of college activities. For more details, visit the ASG Office in the Student Union Bldg, 2nd Floor.

Restricted: $20.00

Allows you to park in Lots 1 & 2 only.

Daily Permit: $2.00

Daily permits are valid in Lots 1 and 2 on the day of purchase. This permit fee also applies to special event parking.

Motorcycles & Mopeds Parking

All motorcycles are now to be parked in one of the two designated areas within Parking Structure 3 (new structure). Parking of motorcycles is no longer permitted within Lots 1 and 2.

Motorcycles and mopeds are not required to display a parking permit but MUST park in the designated motorcycle parking spaces. Any motorcycle or moped parked in a parking stall designated for automobiles or parked in any other area not designated for motorcycle or moped parking may be cited and/or impounded.

Disabled Parking

There are DISABLED designated parking stalls in each of the student parking lots and throughout the campus. Vehicles parked in these stalls must display a valid disabled permit. Disabled students must follow all Student Parking Policies as described herein and are subject to citation for any violation of the parking regulations.

Overnight & Long-Term Parking

Overnight parking is not allowed unless express consent is granted by the College Sheriff or Administrative Services. Vehicles parked on campus or in parking lots in excess of 72 hours may be considered abandoned and may be subject to impound (22651 (k) CVC).

Weekend & Holiday Parking

Parking regulations are enforced on weekends and holidays, and parking permits are required in all parking lots. Inner campus parking is controlled at all times.

Visitor & Community Service Student Parking

Visitors and Community Service students must display their permits clearly in the front window. All Community Services students and instructors must park in Lot #1. Authorized visitors may obtain a temporary (one-day) parking pass from the College Sheriff's office.

Street Parking

Please be considerate of the college's neighbors when parking on the street; keep the noise level low and don't litter. Street parking around the perimeter of the campus is limited. Read the signs carefully to avoid a municipal citation. Metered parking is available on the west border of the campus on Heliotrope. (There is no parking after 6 PM on the residential side of Heliotrope.) Vehicles parked at a broken or nonfunctional parking meter may be subject to citation. Vehicles with parking permits must also pay if parked in a metered parking stall or space.


Like most urban campuses, thieves are attracted to parked vehicles. So be sure to lock doors when you leave the car. Be careful not to leave tempting objects like purses, backpacks, radios, etc., in visible places in your car (e.g., on the seat). Security will be present at the entrance to the lot and patrolling from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM each school day. Security cameras also monitor the lots.

Campus Event Requests

As we have limited parking on campus, the timing of events can create a bottleneck for staff who are trying to get to class to teach, or arrive timely for work. If your program or department is considering having a campus event that requires guest parking, please use the following link to request parking for your event: