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Students and Faculty pose for a selfie in Spain

The experience of a lifetime! Study Abroad in 2020

Originally Published: 10/15/2019

We are now recruiting for the Study Abroad 2020 Program to Madrid, Spain!

The LACC Study Abroad Program, July 4 - July 29!

Students and faculty visiting SpainThe experience of a lifetime! An opportunity to live in Madrid, Spain for 4 weeks. All participants will recieve private dorm rooms, and three meals a day. Additionally, students who participate will also receive 8 units of college credit (5 in language, 3 in culture).

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.


Modern Languages: Madrid/Sevilla and Barcelona Summer 2020

Director: Professor Parada, JH111A
For more information please come to JH 111A between 12:30 and 1:30 or to JH115 (check the hours on the door), or email:

Music: Madrid/Sevilla and Barcelona Summer 2020

Contact: Professor Park, Chair of Music Dept, HAMC 106
For more information please visit HAMC 106, or email:

Travel is the Only Thing You Buy, That Makes You Richer!

Learn more about the program from students who have experienced it.

How Study Abroad Program Transformed Me

By Franchette Luz

Students pose in front of the Museo Nacional Centro De ArteFrom gaining a wider knowledge of the world, having a better perspective on life, and gaining a bigger heart—this is how the Spanish Study Abroad Program changed me. The moment I signed up for the program, I realized I unlocked the first lesson of this trip, take risks. I embarked on this journey with an open heart, no expectations, and no reservations. And by doing this, it created an enormous space for learning. Traveling to Spain and Italy—by myself—empowered me as a person and as a woman. It has taught me confidence and independence. Discovering the positive and negative sides of me led to acceptance, forgiveness, and healing. Letting go of things I cannot control is one important lesson I gained. When faced with uncertainty and fear, I relied on my faith. There was an extensive spiritual growth.

During this trip, I met people who came from different walks of life. Every encounter I had was an opportunity to learn. The bonds formed between my peers and I are special. I found friends who are hilarious, genuine, and passionate about life.

Furthermore, I enjoyed the academic aspect of the trip. I gained knowledge about Spanish history and experienced their culture through the locals, art, food, and many more. Study Abroad Program created a desire in me to further my Spanish education. This language will not only be beneficial in my field but also a way for me to reach more people and make an impact on a greater extent.

I have a greater appreciation and respect for professors, those who are dedicated to teaching and providing a fun and safe environment for the students. I am beyond grateful for this experience and to everyone who made the Study Abroad Program possible. I am pleased and thankful for Profesora Parada and her dedication. She took education on a different level by using traveling as a means of learning. Learning was not limited in the four-walled rooms of the community college. Rather, she allowed students to experience
and see the endless possibilities the world offers through this program.

Finally, I encourage everyone to travel outside of your comfort zone at least once in your lifetime. It will bring happiness and change you completely.

Whole New World

By Mark Mathes

Students pose in front of a statue of Don QuixoteGrowing up in the small town of Madison County, Virginia there was little importance placed on education outside of “Don’t get F’s or you ain’t gonna play ball [sports].” One can safely assume the majority of Madisonians rarely travel outside of the county, let alone the state, or country. My mother, however, emphasized the prevalent closed mindset of the rural town was never an option for me. She supplied me with history books, and geography games that introduced me to the exploration of foreign lands and cultures. This would later lead me to choose the major of history. 

My second semester at Los Angeles City College, I decided to enroll in Spanish 1 and I never imagined how studying a foreign language would provide with what amazing opportunities, but also serve to improve me overall as a human being. “Hola chicos!” exclaimed Professor Parada as she walked in the first day of class. The class was instantly captivated by her charisma and care for us. Rarely the entire class was not smiling for the full 90 minutes from her positive vibes. Professor Parada was relentlessly in advertising the Spanish Foreign Language Study Abroad in Madrid. Hesitant at the time due to financial constraints, I decided to take out a loan of 5K to go on the trip. Thinking back now to the importance of this trip, it was priceless.

Prior to the trip, I saw it as a once in a lifetime, but after I realized the world was a lot smaller. The connections made traveling in Europe to the architecture learned in my Art History , the global perspectives from History, the literary contributions from English class (i.e. Cervantes, Don Quevedo), and the importance of artisans from countries emphasized in my elective of Theatre were profound and life changing. I never fully comprehended the expression “Travel abroad, broadens the mind,” but now I consider myself a citizen of the world. While in Madrid, some classmates and I were able to book weekend to tour Segovia, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, Naples, that year the entire program was taken to Paris for the final three days. Some of my fellow classmates had never left the state of California and a few never even traveled outside of Southern California. We not only learned the Spanish language and history, but we learned the whole world was out there for us to enjoy.

These shared experiences with my classmates forged bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime. Profesora Parada shared her story with all of us, while making us all feel safe enough to share with each other. Profesora’s story of immigrating to America from El Salvador with all the heartbreak and tragedy along the way was eye-opening . How she improved her life through educating herself. This woman from my Spanish 1 class that we all viewed as the most positive person on the entire college campus had suffered and triumphed. More importantly than teaching me Spanish was the lesson to maintain a positive attitude in the face of any obstacle. Profesora became a Second Mother to me. Life is simply too short to be negative. This trip was the catalyst for me to seek help with my own person mental health issues of depression and anxiety to find that positivity for myself. I view the Study Abroad as a major turning point in my life and education. The primary reason I was able to transfer to the University of California at Berkeley was the Study Abroad. My plan after I complete my undergraduate studies is to attend law school and with love to make the world a better place.

Students enjoying themselves in Spain

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