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President Mary Gallagher

This Week @ City

Originally Published: 12/9/2019

News and Events for the week of December 9

Good Monday Morning: 

This week begins our last week with our students as they take their finals throughout the week. It has been a busy semester and a very productive semester. If you sense that your students are in need of anything, please make sure to connect them with the Welcome Center, Counseling or the Health Center. 

Last Week’s Kwansaa Celebration

The LACC Umoja group held a fabulous event last week in celebration of Kwansaa. Dean Holmes leads the Umoja group, and had support from some of his colleagues, staff and students to observe the tradition of Kwansaa remind us all of the meaning of this special holiday that lasts for seven days. Then a wonderful lunch was served to over 150 in attendance. 

Extended Library Hours During Finals

Please be sure to notify your students that we have extended library hours this week for finals. We are open Monday 12/9 – Thursday 12/12 7:30am to 11pm; Friday 12/13 7:30am to 4pm and Saturday 12/14 10am to 4pm.

Food for Thought – Finals Meals Program

This week we are having a special Finals Week Meals program Monday 12/9 through Wednesday 12/13. Each day students can fuel up for finals at 7:30am at the Cub Store with $10 credit for food items for the first 500 students.

Nurse Pinning Ceremony

This Thursday 12/12 our Nursing Program will be hosting a celebration at 4pm for family, administration, guests and students to celebrate the completion of the Nursing Program. The event will be held in the Camino Theatre.

LACC Community Corner

Wesley Community Clinic was approved to provide health services in our Health Center. This is great for our students because, not only will they be able to obtain services on campus, but if they are in need a greater health care, Wesley has a full-service clinic across the street. Wesley is affiliated with Kaiser so if students require additional health care, they will receive it through Kaiser.  Not only will our students benefit, but their families will be able to use the Wesley Community Clinic and its services as well.

Mayor Garcetti’s Office paid a visit to us on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the initiatives we are undertaking and make sure we are connected to the City’s staff to help us realize those goals. They also wanted to talk with us about assuming the implementation of the plans in the Los Angeles Promise Zone to replace the Youth Policy Institute (YPI) who is no longer an active non-profit organization. We are attending a special meeting this week of the LA Promise Zone to discuss this.

I am meeting with the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) this week to determine whether we can get funding to have the UCLA-CESMII (Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute) located at LACC. More on this later if we can make this happen. 

I hope your finals week runs smoothly!

Mary Gallagher