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President Mary Gallagher

This Week @ City

Originally Published: 10/18/2021

News and Events for the week of October 18

Good Monday Morning,   

“This Week @ City” today is focused on the vaccine mandate the Board of Trustees put into effect by passing a new Board Rule. The vaccine mandate goes into effect today. You should have received an email on Friday from William Boyer, LACCD Director of Communications, that there will be a two-week grace period in order to get all of your paperwork into the Cleared4 system. In two weeks, we will begin checking in everyone every day you are on campus. You will notice when you come to campus now that there are two entrances (1) one on Vermont between the CDC and the Sci Tech buildings, and (2) one between the Student Services and the Cesar Chavez buildings coming from Parking Lot 4. We will begin the formal check-in process at those two sites on Thursday, November 4. We are notifying employees who have not registered into the Cleared4 system that you must do that within two weeks. I have scheduled a Town Hall for tomorrow for faculty and staff at 1:00 p.m. about this mandate. The link is: 

Vaccination Two-week Grace Period

Here is the link to the information sent on Friday. 

Wesley Health Center has vaccinations available to employees and students. (Employees are not required to receive their vaccination at the Wesley Health Center)  

What you need to know about complying with Board Policy 2900: 
  • Must be fully vaccinated by October 18, 2021, whether on campus or not. 
    (Exceptions to vaccination requirement for religious or medical reasons must be approved by LACCD HR by October 18, 2021.) 
  • Must be registered into the Cleared4 system by October 18, 2021. 
  • Must complete daily formal check-in if on campus beginning Thursday, November 4, 2021. 

(Effective Thursday, November 4, 2021, if you do not have a green “clearance” from Cleared4, you will not be admitted on campus.

  • Must be fully vaccinated by Friday, November 19, 2021, if on campus for any reason.
    (Exceptions to vaccination requirement for religious or medical reasons must be approved by LACC Student Services November 19, 2021.) 
  • Must be registered into the Cleared4 system by November 19, 2021. 
  • Must complete daily formal check-in if on campus, for any reason, beginning Monday, November 22, 2021. 

(Effective Monday, November 4, 2021, if students do not have a green “clearance” from Cleared4, they will not be admitted on campus.


Everyone must wear a mask indoors (unless you are alone in your office) regardless of vaccination status. 

We will be notifying faculty through Canvas of the names of the students who have on campus classes, but who are not yet in the Cleared4 system. We have almost 2,000 students in this category. If any of them are in your class on campus, please let them know that they will not be allowed on campus if they do not get vaccinated or have an approved exception. I am having a Town Hall for students tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. as well. Here is the link: 

City Cares Network

If you have students that still do not have textbooks or devices, please have them fill out a City Cares Network application so they can get what they need to be successful. Please share this link with students:  (Reminder student must be signed into their account)

Flu Shots Available

Starting Monday, October 18, 2021, students may receive flu shots at the Student Health and Wellness Center located on the first floor, southeast corner of the Student Services Building. The Health and Wellness Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The weather is changing, and the days are getting shorter. We are well into fall and moving toward winter. This week marks the halfway point in our semester. Our late start classes will begin next week.  

BELIEVE. ACHIEVE. SUCCEED. Have a wonderful week!  

Stay well. Get vaccinated.

Notes from Chancellor Town Hall (October 4 and October 6) 

Chancellor Rodriguez welcomed everyone and shared that today’s Town Hall will be providing updates and sharing information on COVID-19 testing and vaccines. 

Communication Director William Boyer provided an update on the status of LACCD COVID-19 cases: 
  • On a national level, COVID-19 has resulted in more than 700,00 deaths. 
  • Our LACCD community has remained very safe with zero outbreaks in the past several months. The last outbreak of 3 or more cases in a single incident was in June. 
  • During the past 2 months, the District has had approximately 39 positive cases, onsite. 
  • Please get vaccinated. 
Vice Chancellor Ryan Cornner provided an update on board policies and administrative procedures regarding masking, vaxing and testing. 
  • Everyone must be vaccinated or request an exemption. Regardless of whether you are working online or in person.  
  • Those who are working completely remote may delay their baseline testing until such a time that they have an on-site work assignment.  This includes those who get an exemption from a vaccination, who must test weekly. If you are working remotely, you do not have to do weekly testing until you are on site. 
  • It is a requirement that you must wear a mask and do daily check-ins every day that you are working on site.  
  • If you have previously had COVID-19, you must still get vaccinated.  
  • Most of our compliance checking occurs on the back end, for both students and employees. 
  • On the employee side, Dr. Gutierrez is checking with her Human Resources team on those check-ins, on the student side we are working with the Office of Student Services for every college.  
  • We are able to check which students are compliant on the vaccinations on the testing and on the daily check-in.  For students shown in non-compliance, we will be working to address this on the back end, this is not something that every staff member or every teacher needs to check with, we will be doing this all without their involvement.  
  • Faculty and staff can ask students to show their CLEARED4 pass, but you are not mandated to do so.  
  • Once we reach October 18, we will begin student discipline for those students who are in non-compliance. This will begin with having students excluded from two days of classes. If we do not find a solution that meets our board policy, we will then begin the full student discipline process. The Vice President of Student Services will issue formal charges and begin the student suspension process. Students will not be allowed on campus when they are going through that procedure.  
  • The colleges are working on local check-in procedures.  
Vice Chancellor Carmen Lidz provided an update on technology solutions with Biocept and CLEARED4. 
  • We have partnered with Biocept to provide COVID-19 testing and CLEARED4 to collect and monitor data and provide information to our HR department.  
  • There is restricted access to all personal data; the only access is to persons that require it.  
  • LACCD owns the data in CLEARED4 and it is used for the implementation of Board Policy 2900. Biocept and CLEARED4 process the data according to our direction.  
  • The emails employees receive from CLEARED4 are legitimate. Emails from  are legitimate. If you are not receiving emails, please reach out to and someone will help you set up an account and a profile, schedule a test and upload your vaccination information.  
  • All active employees and students will receive daily reminders to do daily screenings.  
  • You do not have to do the daily screening unless you are coming on site.  
Vice Chancellor Mercedes Gutierrez provided an update on Human Resources information. 
  • Under OSHA, we are required to have a mandatory COVID-19 prevention training.  
  • Employees have received emails regarding this training which is a 1-hour training. Training was due to be completed in August; faculty was given until the end of September to complete the training. Currently, we have close to 14,000 employees who have not completed the training.  
  • Currently, employees have until October 8 to complete a CLEARED4 profile. There are 2,223 employees that have not created a profile. Supervisors have been notified accordingly.  
  • Please do not ignore the CLEARED4 emails. Every employee needs to create a profile and upload their information.  
  • October 11 is the deadline to ask for a religious or medical exemption.  
  • For medical exemptions, there is a form that needs to be filled out by a medical provider and then submitted.  
  • The SAP portal has forms for applying for both the medical and religious exemptions.  
  • Submitting an exemption form does not guarantee that an exemption will be granted.  
  • October 18 is the deadline to upload your vaccination status and complete your COVID-19 baseline test. 
  • Currently there are 140 exemptions that have been submitted. 
  • We are currently under a labor caucus with all the labor groups in order to determine the level of due process that comes with the District’s right to enforce discipline.  
  • There is both progressive and punitive discipline.  
  • Employees and faculty can be subject to dismissal if they do not comply with the District’s testing and vaccination policy and procedures.  
Director of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Brittany Grice provided information on workplace adjustment requests. 
  • Employees at heightened risk of contracting COVID-19, those that are caregivers to individuals that are at heightened risk and those that are parents or guardians of children who may be experiencing pandemic related childcare closures are welcome to make a request for workplace adjustment with their immediate supervisors.  
  • Those who want to request a workplace adjustment must submit a form and have a meeting with your supervisor.  
Vice Chancellor Rueben Smith provided an update on campus safety and cleanliness. 
  • The District and all of the colleges are unified and focused on addressing the cleanliness concerns and indoor air quality consistent with Cal OSHA and health department standards.  
  • We have invested nearly $14 million to improving the indoor air quality on campuses.  
  • This includes new and replaced HVAC systems, filter changes, duct cleaning, upgrades and other improvements.  
  • If duct cleaning has not been completed on your campus, it does not mean that you are in an unhealthy environment.  
  • The air going into rooms is going through a three-phase filter system. 
  • We are also working on a new more efficient and effective dispatch system.  
Personnel Director Ron Delahoussaye provided an update on custodial efforts. 
  • The personnel commission has responded to the need to improve cleanliness on our campuses to recruit qualified applicants to fill existing vacancies. 
  • We have a number of people being interviewed and on boarded by human resources to fill custodial positions. 
  • We are also addressing our low custodial attendance rates. 

To view the Town Halls: