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Cinema / TV

Welcome to the LACC Cinema/TV Department.

Summer & Fall 2018 Semesters are enrolling now. 
New summer classes begin on June 11th including:  two classes in movie history (Cinema 3 & 4), two about Movie/TV production (Cinema 1 & TV 4) and two online classes (Cinema 1 & Cinema 3)   See our Department Calendar for more information

  • These entry-level classes are offered this Summer 2018:
    • Cinema 1 (Production Techniques - Using Movie Gear) Online & Traditional 
    • Cinema 3 (Narrative Cinema History) Online & Traditional 
    • Cinema 4 (Documentary/Reality History)
    • TV 4 (Hands-On TV Studio Sound & Lights)
  • These entry-level classes are offered this Fall 2018:
    • Cinema 1 (Production Techniques - Using Movie Gear)
    • Cinema 2 (Production Workshop - Hands on - Making Movies)
    • Cinema 3 (Narrative Cinema History)
    • Cinema 4 (Documentary/Reality History)
    • Cinema 9-1 (Sound Production)
    • Cinema 18 (Intro to Film Genres: Comedy: Rodney Dangerfield Institute)
    • Cinema 25 (Producing Feature Films)
    • Cinema 38 (Learning Grip and Electric for Movies)
    • Cinema 501 (Media Aesthetics - Color, Form and Composition of Images)
    • TV 1 (Business of TV/Episodic)
    • TV 4 (Hands-On TV Studio Sound & Lights)
    • TV 9 (Hands-On TV Studio)
    • AND MANY MORE.....

Congratulations on the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) Center for Cinema and Television at LACC!

Read the Hollywood Reporter story

The new state-of-the-art Dick Clark Television Studio is open for LACC TV classes in the HFPA center!

Dick Clark Control Room

Dick Clark Lighting

Dick Clark Camera

welcome to the HFPA Center for cinema
and television at los angeles city
college students at LACC receive a
hands-on education cinema and television
production learn how to operate studio
cameras control room equipment lighting
audio and so much more in our winter
class TV for camera lighting and sound
taught by Professor Jen gone you'll
receive instruction and how to build
sets how to operate three point lighting
in a studio environment how to work as a
team collaborate communicate and most
importantly how to create productions
from scratch students can take an entire
series of TV classes you can learn the
basics in TV for and tv9 continue
building your skills in TV 46 the
production workshop students enrolled in
the advanced classes will have the
opportunity to work in the Dick Clark TV
studio a full HD studio with
top-of-the-line industry standard
equipment so don't delay register today
sign up at www LA city college edu

Mission Statement

The LACC Cinema and Television Department is dedicated to providing students with the technical skills and creative guidance to prepare them for professions in the entertainment industry.

 Contact Us

Cinema Television Department
Los Angeles City College
Communications Building (map)
855 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles CA 90029

Jen Vaughn
Department Chair
Associate Professor of Cinema
(323) 953-4000 ext. 2631

 Chair Office Hours

Jen Vaughn
Communications CC181

Mon - Thu 10:30am - 1:00pm
June 11 - July 12

 Life at LACC

Learn more about the Cinema/TV program at LACC by following our Student Blogger Carmen!

Los Angeles City College | 855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles California 90029


Phone: 323.953.4000


Emergency: 323.953.2911