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Dental Prosthetic Technology

Course Description

The Dental Prosthetic Technology Program is specifically designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and background necessary to become a dental technologist in either a commercial dental laboratory or dental office laboratory. Good eye/hand coordination, communication skills and the ability to follow directions are requisites for successful entrance into this program.

Using state of the art equipment, experienced faculty, and hands on instruction, our program prepares students for a successful career in the restorative prosthetic dental technology.


Entrance into the Dental Prosthetic Technology Program

All candidates for the Dental Prosthetic Technology Program must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. Getting selected into the LACC Dental Prosthetic Technology Program is a two-part process. First the candidate must enroll in DEN TEK 100 (Introduction to Dental laboratory) and DEN TEK 102 (Dental Anatomy and Terminology). Candidates for the Dental Prosthetic Technology Program must complete these (2) two courses with a grade of “C” or better. Students who receive a D, F, W, or Incomplete grade will not be considered for entrance into the Dental Prosthetic Technology Program.

The second part of the process is to take the Dental Prosthetic Technology Dexterity Exam that will be administered on the 14th Saturday in the fall semester. All students that have taken or currently are taking the DT 100 are eligible to take the Dexterity Exam. This exam is not a pass/fail exam and there is no way to study for it. The Dexterity Exam gives the selection committee an accurate indication of hand/ eye coordination and three-dimensional ability of each candidate. These qualities are necessary for a dental technologist to have. The candidates are ranked according to their individual results with all of the other dental technology candidates. The top 18 candidates out of the testing cohort are invited to enter the Dental Prosthetic Technology Program. If a candidate is not selected into the Dental Technology Program, the candidate may request to retake the Dental Prosthetic Technology Dexterity Exam when it is given in the next testing cohort.

Pre-requisite for Entering the Dental Prosthetic​ Technology 




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A repaired smile, before and after. The photo is an actual case made by an LACC Dental Technology graduate.
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DT102 Dental Anatomy and Terminology

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