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Tuberculosis Testing

Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 07:30 AM

Open from 7:30am - 4:00pm 

Glendale Adventist Occupational Medicine Center is scheduled to administer tuberculosis (TB) assessments, consultations, and/or tuberculin skin tests. As well as all readings for tests that occurred on Monday and Tuesday.

The new rule adopted by the District’s Board of Trustees at the regular Board meeting of June 7, 2017 revised Board Rule 10205, Examination for Tuberculosis, to comply with recent changes to  California Education Code and Section 87408.6 (CODE), which enables the District and health care providers to utilize a risk assessment tool in order to determine whether skin tests or chest x-rays are medically indicated.  The TB Risk Assessment form was created by the California Department of Public Health in consultation with the California Tuberculosis Controllers Association and is attached to this email.  Human Resources Department piloted the new program at the Educational Services Center in June 2017.  The District’s objective is to insure all employees  are in compliance with the CODE.  Compliance with the CODE is important to all in order to safeguard the public from exposure to tuberculosis, a serious communicable disease.

Therefore, please submit your completed Risk Assessment form as soon as possible by completing the “fillable” fields on Page 1, Risk Assessment, and on Page 3, Certificate of Completion, except for the signature line reserved for the health care provider. You may return completed forms to (TB Coordinator or Personnel Office Name, location) or addressed to (TB Coordinator or Personnel Office Name via Campus Mail). Otherwise, you will need to retain your forms for review by Glendale Adventist or you may opt to take your Risk Assessment form with you when you visit your personal physician.

Please know that the CODE does require all employees to participate in the TB exposure control program.  Most employees should be able to fill out the forms and receive “clearance” no later than October 13 , 2017 by either attending one of the sessions listed above in the Student Union Building 2nd Floor Conference Room on Monday and Tuesday or Faculty and Staff Center on Thursday or by seeing your  personal physician. 

If you are on vacation or on an approved leave of absence during the TB consultations and/or tests provided by Glendale Adventist, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate compliance upon return to work.  In any case, please advise your College TB Coordinator or Personnel Office in the event you are not available.

Please review the Risk Assessment Frequently Asked Questions, which may be of assistance to you.

Event location: The Faculty and Staff Center

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