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English Faculty Author Lecture

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 01:00 PM

LACC will host an event highlighting recent works from four professors in the English Department including a Q & A session.

From 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Evan “Bones” Kendall – Mikka Mi Amor

Portrait of Evan KendallEvan Kendall has been an English professor at Los Angeles City College since 2004.

Evan Kendall’s wife, to whom Mikka Mi Amor is written, nicknamed him “Bones” because he's so skinny. Kendall has an MFA in Writing from California Institute of the Arts and a BA in English from UCLA. He co-authored Truth & Pain starring the Gangsters & Retards in... The Mystique-cal Person-a of MC Cripple Crip, and he is the publisher of Shawn Casey O'Brien's For the Love of Long Shots: A Memoir on Democracy.

Mikka Mi Amor is a collection of about fifty love poems that originated (in 2002) as emails from Bones Kendall to his wife. He was bursting with so much love, and she would get so tired of hearing about it so plainly stated...hence, rhyme and meter! Sharing the poems helped him to get some, and they are meant to help you get some, too.

Patricio Maya-Solis – 80 MPH USA

Portrait of Patricio Maya-SolisMaya is a former LACC student and a current faculty member at the same college.

Patricio Maya was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1982. He has written about the visual arts and politics for several print and online publications. His first book of essays, Walking Around with Fante and Bukowski, was published in 2015.

His new poetry collection, 80 MPH USA, written in Spanish, has just come out on Grady Miller Books. When his now finished novel, Too Much Sweetie, finds a publisher, he has promised to take break from the English language and write exclusively in Spanish for a few years.

John Medici – Pleasant Avenue: a Place, a Boy and a Family - An Italian American Story

Portrait of John MediciJohn Medici has been an Instructor in the English Department at LACC since Fall 1995.

John Medici has worked many and diverse gigs, but considers two professions as lifetime careers: actor, and teacher. He has performed off Broadway, and as a member of Actors Equity. The writing of his first solo performance piece Dread (AKA Medici) prompted a desire to turn much the story of his growing up into Pleasant Avenue.

Pleasant Avenue chronicles Medici’s growing up years as a child of Italian immigrants, in East Harlem NYC.  Episodes of family and neighborhood’s influence are cinematically described, in a humorous, emotional story. The book is an introspective look into John’s psychological burden: how to honor family, while striving to live his own life.

Daniel Ruiz – Coconut Versus

Portrait of Daniel RuizDaniel Jose Ruiz is a professor of English at LACC, and has now hit the 10 year anniversary at the college.

Daniel Jose Ruiz is a writer and educator based in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of the CalArts MFA program as well as the UC: Irvine MA in English. He writes whatever comes to mind. His debut novel, Coconut Versus, is available from Floricanto Press.

Coconut Versus - Miguel Reyes is a coconut: brown on the outside, white on the inside.  To his rural, working class extended family, he’s a too soft city boy, and to his working class friends in Los Angeles, he speaks too well.  He is a punk rock kid in the suburbs of Irvine and an outlier in the gated community of Arizona. In short, he doesn’t fit in much anywhere, except maybe in the Inland Empire with his best friend.  

Miguel learns that race, class, and gender all mix in painful, sometimes tragic ways, but the combination depends more on where you are rather than who you are.  He tries to grow to manhood, but he is not at all sure what that actually means, especially when the lessons of his life come to contradict themselves.

Event location: Student Union, 3rd Floor Multipurpose Room

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