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The Associated Student Government

Student Clubs & Activities

Club List 

LACC Fitness Club

President: Faiaz Azim 

Advisor: Robert Mckinley (323) 953-4000 EXT:2853

Meet: Tuesday/Thursday @12:30pm-2:00pm weekly

Location: Kin South 109 

The Forever Jung Psychology Club

President: Pending

Advisor: David Sedghi (323) 953-4000 EXT:2935

Meet: Tuesday @12:45pm-1:45pm Weekly

Location: HH 106

LACC SNA (Student Nurse Association)

President: Pending

Advisor: Adriana Portugal (323) 422-8797

Meet: Thursdays @12:45pm-2:00pm monthly

Location: Sci 126

LACC Dance Club

President: Pending

Advisor: Tanya Geddes (323) 309-2933 Michele Wolfson (562) 413-2480

Meet: Tuesday/Thursday @1:00pm-3:00pm bi-weekly

Location: Kin South 107A

IDEAS @LACC (Improving Dreams Equal Access & Success)

President: Pending

Advisor: Jessica Sanchez, Camille Goulet, & Yaneli (213) 545-4300

Meet: Tuesday @2:00pm-3:30pm weekly

Location: HH 105

Safe Space

President: Pending

Advisor: Sarah Crachiolo (323) 671-8876

Meet: Thursday @3:45pm-5:00pm bi-weekly

Location: AD 113

Students for Social Justice

President: Pending

Advisor: Anthony Clark (818) 314-7979

Meet: Wednesday @1:00pm-3:00pm bi-monthly

Location: FH 215

D-Munch Club

President: Pending

Advisor: Gayle Stafshy (323) 953-4000 EXT:2291

Meet: Wednesdays bi-monthly

Location: AD 204

Chemistry Club

President: Pending

Advisor: Terry Boan (323) 953-4000 EXT:2603

Meet: Thursday @4:00pm-5:00pm weekly

Location: Sci-Tech 301

LACC Cheer

President: Pending

Advisor: Tanya Geddes (323) 309-2933

Meet: Monday/Wednesday @3:00pm-6:00pm Friday @1:00pm-5:00pm weekly

Location: KIN Dance Room 2nd Floor

Multiethnic Christian Fellowship

President: Pending

Advisor: Richard R. Lewis (213) 268-1503

Meet: Thursday @ 1:00pm-2:30pm weekly

Location: HH 206


President: Pending

Advisor: Jessica Cerda (323) 953-4000 EXT:2266

Meet: Thursday/Friday @12:30pm weekly

Location: FYE Office

Humanities Club

President: Leslie-Ann Brady-Forsythe (213) 550-8364

Advisor: Andrew Walzer (323) 953-4000 EXT:2480

Meet: Tuesday @1:00pm weekly

Location: AD 300

LACC Pre-Med Club

President: Pending

Advisor: Sean Phommasaysy (323) 953-4000 EXT:2795

Meet: Tuesday @12:30pm Monthly

Location: bio-lab

LACC PTK/Beta Pi Kappa & Honors Club

President: Pending

Advisor: Professor Nadia Elahi (323) 953-4000 EXT:2717

Meet: Wednesday @2:00pm-3:00pm bi-monthly

Location: AD 301B

LACC Philosophical Society

President: Adam Ballard

Advisor: Joseph Pak (323) 953-4000 EXT:2764

Meet: Monday @2:00pm-3:00pm weekly

Location: Philosophy Department

Literature of the Writer's Society

President: Pending

Advisor: Danielle Muller (323) 770-2492

Meet: Thursday @1:00pm-2:30pm weekly

Location: Jefferson Hall


President: Pending

Advisor: Jayesh Bhakta, Naeemah Payne

Meet: Tuesday @1:00pm weekly

Location: FH 305

Veterans Club

President: Pending

Advisor: Krixalim (323) 953-4000 EXT:2024

Meet: Thursday @12:30pm Monthly

Location: Veteran's Resource Center

Bangladesh Center for Culture & Heritage

President: Pending

Advisor: Richard Lewis (323) 953-4000 EXT:2757

Meet: Thursday @4:30pm-5:30pm bi-monthly


"15 star" (Club of Russian-Speaking Students)

President: Pending

Advisor: Larisa Karcafi (818) 805-6519

Meet: Wednesday @5:00pm

Location: JH 102

Wrestling Club

President: Pending

Advisor: Sarah Crachiclo (323) 953-4000 EXT:2969

Meet: Friday @12:00pm-1:30pm Weekly


Astronomy Club

President: Pending

Advisor: Dean Arvidson, Michael Hetman (323) 953-4000 EXT:2920

Meet: Thursday @2:30pm-3:30pm Weekly

Location: Sci-Tech 204



 Contact Us

Armineh Dereghishian
Student Services Specialist
Office of Student Life
(323) 953-4000 ext. 2450

 Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

 Upcoming Meetings

The next ASG meeting will be on October 11, 2018 in the SU 2nd floor conference room. Time to be determined. 

Los Angeles City College | 855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles California 90029


Phone: 323.953.4000


Emergency: 323.953.2911