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Computer Science, Information Systems & Applications (CSISA)


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Are you good at math and science? Do you enjoy writing programs and using computers to develop applications and solve problems? Do you like putting hardware components together to build computers, networks, and intelligent devices? Or do you prefer using the latest software applications to automate business and office operations? If computers and technology is your passion, then we have a program for you.

The Computer Science, Information Systems, and Applications (CSISA) department believes that our students are the industry’s next generation of Computer Scientists, Software Developers, Hardware Architects, and Information Workers. We offer a wide variety of programs geared to both transfer and career students.

Our associate degrees provide a solid foundation for entry-level employment opportunities and prepare our students to transfer to universities for advanced Computer Science and Information Systems studies.

Our numerous certificates provide training for high-demand jobs ranging from software development to hardware applications to office applications. Our programs will prepare our students for high-paying careers related to software development, database administration, cloud computing, web application development, cybersecurity, networking, computer repair, and information workers. Whatever your computer education and training needs are, the CSISA department is here for you.

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New Names for Computer Science Courses

Introducing the New Cloud Computing Program at LACC

Hello. This video is to talk about an exciting new program at LACC, it is connected with Amazon Web Services.

Everybody has heard about Amazon. The retail giant, but how does Amazon survive the huge demands made on cyber monday and Prime Day.

They get millions of customers and consumers all over the world to buy things within a 24 to 48 hour period. How does Amazon not crumble under that kind of load.

Well, that has to do with Amazon Web Services, which is the way IT works in the cloud.

So this special program at LACC was created under the auspices of California cloud workforce. This California cloud workforce is made up of 19 colleges in Southern California.

And other colleges in Northern California. So this is a completely statewide effort. So I want to explain a little bit about what this program involves and why would it be of utmost benefit to you.

So my name is Munir Samplewala I am in charge of the AWS program at LACC

As there were 19 colleges in the consortium Santa Monica was the lead for this project. And I'm also working at SMC and keeping the courses up to date and making modifications to that.

I also do training for the instructors at other colleges and high school teachers.

So what does it involve to get certified and become knowledge about knowledgeable about AWS. So there are four courses introduction to cloud computing

Data basis in AWS compute engines and security. After you take this four courses and couple of additional courses you will be eligible for a state approved certificate of achievement. This certificate will appear on your transcript and will be a very important milestone for you.

How much does it cost to take this thing.

First of all, money, since this courses use only OER material. It's completely free for students. There is no textbooks to buy or anything like that.

This class and this course material use actual AWS services, there is no simulation or anything like that.

And generally, so far since the program has been running for four or five years we have been able to get credit

From AWS to cover any cost. You may incur by taking these classes. So no cost for textbook no cost for using real AWS services.

In addition, you will get a voucher for a practice exam and either a 50% off or hundred percent of for your certification exam.

Then we provide in addition to all this things a help to prepare for the certification exam so workshops are held and you can attend them based on your performance within the curriculum to sit for the workshop. So the amount. This is all regarding money. What about the time involved.

Time involved is two semesters to take the four core classes. So each class is offered in eight weeks session and they run back to back. So in two semesters, you should be able to finish the for both classes.

And also take the two additional ones concurrently. So in about a year's time, you would have learned the AWS material got certified by state and then additional benefits.

You not only get a state approved certification, but you should also be able to pass the cloud computing

Practitioner exam. So this is cloud computing practitioner certification exam given by AWS and once you get the state approved certificate industry level this things you should be eligible for internship and or job opportunities. So how many jobs are available.

So if you look at any of those business reports from Gartner group of Forbes and things like that companies need cloud expertise, there is a big skills gap. So cloud computing is the number one hard skill companies need most in 2020 and there are not enough trained

Technical people to bridge this gap. So according to the US Bureau of Labor, there will be 1.4 million jobs between software development and applicants to fill the positions in US 66% of IT, decision makers reported a gap between their teams skill level and knowledge required to achieve organizational objectives, because the current staff do not have the cloud expertise.

So once you get this knowledge, you get the state approved certificate you pass the cloud computing certification exams. These are

Pretty high level salary, so you probably may not start like this. But the thing is there is so much demand that you will be able to at least get a job.

So 15 top paying it certifications was in Virtualization and Cloud computing starting at 113,000 if you are AWS Certified solutions architect.

Hundred and 21,000 so you can look this up and see if this numbers are still valid or not. So these skills, are very practical and in addition to getting a theoretical knowledge getting an associate or bachelor's degree. It's very important to get this skills which prove how the IT world works, and that you are quite familiar with it.

So where you go next from your, you can contact me. Munir sample wallah my email is simple W M at LA City or you can just sign up for

Which is already available in fall and we will see you there. So if you have any questions, send me an email or I would like to see your names start showing up in our courses. Thank you for your attention, and let's go on this cloud journey together.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Computer Science, Information Systems, and Applications department at LACC is two-fold. First, provide transfer students with solid academic foundations to pursue advanced studies in Computer Science and Information Systems at four-year colleges and universities. And second, deliver needed technical training to meet current and trending market’s needs in technology and prepare students for relevant high-paying jobs related to computer software, hardware, and applications.

An Amazon Web Services Academy accredited educator