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Oleanna Sexual Harassment Workshop

Two actors onstage in a production of OleannaThe Los Angeles City College Theatre Academy's professional production of Oleanna, which toured successfully to dozens of colleges and other venues in the past is now being offered again for booking.  

Oleanna is a play of exceptional interest and importance to all of us who are part of the university and college family: administrators, faculty, staff, and students. Sexual harassment is at the forefront of our national social and cultural consciousness, and our presentation can serve as a stimulating and provocative alternative to more conventional workshops and training for faculty and staff. Flex credit can be offered for those in attendance.

Pulitzer-Prize and Tony Award winning playwright David Mamet's ideas about sexual harassment, political correctness, and academic freedom are communicated in an absorbing two character production, and provide the basis for post-performance forums which are open, frank, illuminating, and often passionate.

The actors conduct a question and answer session after the performanceOleanna plays 80 minutes without intermission, followed by a 30-60 minute workshop discussion. The discussion involves a moderator or two from the venue, the two actors in the play, and of course, the audience. Written comments about the presentation are also required after the workshop.

This workshop never fails to be a spirited, engaging exchange of thoughts and feelings about what has been experienced. The art of the theatre as a forum for communication about significant issues in our lives has rarely been more involving for contemporary audiences.

The presentation can be modified for various sites. It has been performed in theatres, auditoriums, classrooms, conference rooms, and even in a gym at Fresno City College. The power of the performance and value of the workshop travels well in a myriad of places.

We encourage your serious consideration in arranging for us to share this special event with you and your college community. We welcome your interest and inquiries.