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Notable Quotes Regarding The Theatre Academy's Oleanna Sexual Harassment Workshop

"A perfect answer to many questions concerning academic freedom and sexual harassment" - Cathy Wixon, Compliance Officer, Los Angeles City College

"Many people said the play was excellent. Remember you had a standing ovation. That is the first time I've seen that. Thanks so much for coming to Solano College." - Sandi Dillon, Director of Human Resources, Solano College

"OLEANNA was a truly remarkable theater experience. I had no idea I felt as deeply as I did until the climax of the show found me crying." - Kaleta Brown, Past President, California Educational Theatre Association

"Our faculty said this was the best faculty development experience they have had in years." - Dr. Frank Gornick, President, West Hills Community College

"I believe the training you provided was one of the most valuable tools I have ever seen for raising awareness of the issues involved in sexual harassment. It is not a drab list of do's and don'ts. I think it is an excellent resource, and I believe it would truly benefit any organization, especially colleges and universities." - Joe Trofemuk, General Counsel, State Center Community College District

"The OLEANNA production stimulated valuable questions and dialogue that has increased sensitivity to sexual harassment/relationships. Our consciousness was raised as a result of the presentation." - Judith A. Redwine, Chancellor, State Center Community College District

"The overall reaction to the performance has been extremely positive. In fact,I believe it was one of the best opening day activities we have had. Comments such as: 'This is the best presentation ever.' 'A great way to present the material.' 'We should do more of this.' are typical of the feedback that we have received. Please accept our thanks." - Tony Cantu, Dean of Instruction, Fresno City College

"The acting and production were superb." - An Bergo, Office of Affirmative Action Programs, LA Community College District

"The play was riveting. The acting was superb. OLEANNA provided an enormous reservoir from which many dialogues could and should ensue." - Ms. Jacqulyn Weiss, Director of Personnel, College of the Desert

"A great success. It accomplished just what I had hoped it would -- excitement, soul-searching. controversy, and spirited conversation. One of the best attended optional activities we've offered in a long time. The students on the panel and the teachers in the audience participated in meaningful dialogue that may change the way they interact in the future." - Mary Rider, Faculty Development Chair, Grossmont College, El Cajon

Representative Audience Comments

  • "This is teaching across the curriculum!"
  • "Wonderfully powerful. Thank you. Bravo."
  • "Was very impressed with the quality of the acting. I thought we were going to see the film: this was much better."
  • "Surprised by how distinct the male/female voices still are. Excellent!"
  • "I gained a better insight into the problem. Very well-done. We need more of these dramatizations."
  • "An excellent way to address this controversial issue."
  • "It was magnificent."