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Understanding Accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”) the information within all materials provided to students or to the public, whether in person or through electronic means, must be fully accessible to all persons regardless of their disabilities or impairments.

Every reasonable effort must be made to ensure that all files, documents, videos, books, audio recordings, and applications provided to students or the public are fully accessible.

What Does Accessible Mean?

Put simply, an item is accessible when it can be easily understood by everyone.

Accessibility can also be summed up by the question: Can the information within a document be accessed by everyone who interacts with it?

If the information contained within a document cannot be recieved or understood by someone through no fault of their own, then that document is not accessible, and could even be considered to be discriminatory.

If a material is required for a student to pass a course, then it must be accessible to all students.

If a material or new technology cannot be made equally accessible to all students, then it cannot be made a requirement of a course.

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