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Free Subscription Services for Faculty and Staff

All LACC Faculty and Staff have access to two FREE subscription services available for training and professional development.

Both of these services can be used for Flex Hours.  

(Please take screenshots of your completed courses for verification when you submit your flex forms) Training

For faculty who are interested in Web-enhancing their face-to-face Courses. 
Web-Enhanced Courses are face-to-face courses that use Canvas to post information, deliver content, provide learning resources, and foster student interaction outside the classroom. Even though web-enhanced courses use the internet and Canvas, they are not considered distance education courses, because instruction takes place in the classroom. training is completely free and available through the Professional Learning Network

To access the subscription, make sure to go through the Pro Network login to access your FREE account.

You will receive an email with a training link from prolearning network (Vision Resource Center)

Login to the Pro Learning Network, at the top right click Home

Click the yellow button Enter the Vision Resource Center, In the Search box at the top right type Canvas

Select Learning Canvas 2018 ( Soon to be replaced with Learning Canvas 2019)

The Professional Learning Network, supported by the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI), is now providing unlimited access to for all California Community College employees at no cost. is an online library of courses on software tools and skills. To learn more, we suggest that you watch the introductory movie about the service, and watch How to use

To create a profile, navigate to the Learn Academy of the Professional Learning Network. Next, login or register (if you are a first-time user) then click on the link for

Please note that if you have been a previous user of and would like to transfer your previous training history, playlists, and bookmarks, you must select “yes” when asked, “Are you a current or former member of” In selecting yes, it will prompt you to type in your old username and password.

If you have any questions regarding signing up for through the Professional Learning Network, please contact

Canvas Training

To teach fully online, faculty need both Canvas training as well as training in online pedagogy. @one offers both courses -- one free and the other $65 (compared to Etudes at $300 for the two courses).

@one's Canvas training course, "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas," is a four-week, online course. It is currently being offered free of charge. Faculty must register for the 4-week course, not the self-paced course.

The second course, “Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning," fulfills the online pedagogy requirement. The course fee is $65. A reimbursement request may be submitted through Professional Development, but that must be done at least 30 days before training begins.

Most faculty take these two courses at separate times, but both courses may be taken concurrently. If not taken concurrently, "Introduction to Teaching with Canvas" would be considered the first course. That would allow use of newly-acquired Canvas skills to web-enhance existing face-to-face classes immediately.

The most recent schedule of courses offered through @one can be found at  Check their course offerings page on a regular basis for new sections.

After completing each course, @one sends a certificate of completion. Send certificates to Adrian Brown at (and copy Rob Sambrano) to be added to the list of online-ready instructors.

When the time comes and a faculty member is considered for an online class by a department chair, the course content must be created in Canvas for the Distance Education (DE) Committee to review. The Canvas course shell must be submitted to DE for approval before the course is included in the schedule of classes. For example, if the plan is to teach a course online in  Summer, Winter, or Fall 2019, the Canvas course content should be completed and submitted for review in time for the Spring 2019 Monthly DE Meeting (Date To Be Announced). Once the Canvas course shell has been approved, the instructor who developed that material can teach that course online. Faculty should talk to their department chair well in advance of their plan to teach online.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding Canvas Subscription Training, please contact your DE Coordinator, Rob Sambrano, at

Los Angeles City College | 855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles California 90029


Phone: 323.953.4000


Emergency: 323.953.2911