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Printing Services

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Printing at the Library

Remember to save your work before printing. Your account will not be charged until your print job is released at the Prepaid Printing computer.

  • Notice the computer number you are using.
  • Print all or any part of a document.

Go to the Print Release Computer to release your job.

Releasing Your Job to the Printer

The Prepaid Printing Computer is used to send your print jobs to the printer.

  • The print jobs that are not released in one hour will be deleted from the system. You will not be charged for them.
  • You can release your print job at the Prepaid Printing computer in the location where you printed or in any other participating location as long as it has not been deleted from the system.
At The Library
  • Go to the Prepaid Printing Computer.
  • Type the computer number you used.
  • Select the print job you want to release and click Print.
  • Highlight the black/White or Color printer and click Select Printer.
  • Notice the Total Job Cost.
  • Select the method to pay yor print job:
    • Using coins or bills
      Place money in the Payment Box and click Deposit Bill/Coin
    • Using account
      Type username, password and click Account
  • When you are done, click on Close Session and collect your change.
Reversal of Charges

The reversal of charges are done when the printout quality is poor or no printout was produced after the print job was released. No cash refunds are available.

Reversal of charges procedure:

  1. Take all the damaged pages to the lab staff and explain the problem.
  2. The lab staff will write on those pages, your username, account number, number of pages, date and time of print job.
  3. The lab staff will keep all the pages to later do a revesal of charges.
  • Make sure not to have blank pages or typos because you will be charged for every page you print.
  • If you do not close the session and another person releases your print jobs you are still responsable for the charges.

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