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Step 1

Click on the Academic Menu buttonClick the Academic Menu button.


Click the Browse Course Link.Click the Browse Courses link.

Step 3

The Browse Course Catalog page Course ListThe Browse Course Catalog page Course List page appears with the list of courses arranged alphabetically.

Select the first letter of the course name to search for the class.

Step 4

The updated page showing M contentIn this example, we will search for a Math 125 class. Click the M link.

Notice the page is updated with all classes beginning with the letter selected.

Click the Math triangle button to open and view all math classes offered by all nine LACCD colleges.

Step 5

A full list of Math ClassesWhen you have located the desired class, click on the link to view detail information regarding the class.

Step 6

The Select Course Offering pageThe Select Course Offering page will provide information on the Campus offering the class and by clicking on the desired campus location or Enrollment Requirement link, you will view additional information regarding the course.

Step 7

The Course Detail page.

The Course Detail page provides information on any prerequisites required for the course.

Click the view class sections button to view days and times the class is offered.

Step 8

Course InformationTo view additional information on the course, click the desired section ID and number link.

Step 9

Detailed course information

Detailed information includes:

  • Days & Times of class
  • Room location
  • Instructor name
  • Meeting Dates
  • Class Capacity size
  • Available Seats to enrollment
  • Wait List Capacity and Total
  • Description of the class

To go back to the previous page, click the Return to Browse Course Catalog link.

Step 10

The Browse Courses page

To go back to the previous page, click the Return to Select Course Offering link.

Step 11

The Select Course Offering PageClick the Return to Course List link to return to the previous screen and continue searching for classes.

Step 12

Success!You have successfully Browsed the Course Catalog.

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