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Enroll from Requirements


Log-in to

Step 1

Click on the Academic Menu buttonClick the Academic Menu button.


Click the Add Classes Link.Click the Add Classes link.

Step 3

The Add Classes page appearsThe Add Classes page opens successfully. Click the My Requirements option.

Step 4

The Add Classes page with 'search' highligtedClick the search link.

Step 5

Search by My Requirements results page.Click the Orientation Veterinary Science link (Course ANML SC401) as per your required Course work.

Step 6

The Select Course Offering pageScroll down to the bottom of the page and click the select link for the desired course..

Step 7

The Select Classes to Add page Click the Next link to add the course.

Step 8

Shopping Cart page You have successfully added the class to the Shopping cart.

Step 9

Updated Shopping cart page.Click the Proceed To Step 2 of 3 link.


Step 10

The Confirm Classes page. On the Confirm classes page, click the Finish Enrolling link.

Step 11

The updated Add Classes PageYou have successfully enrolled into the Class.

Please see the green Tick mark in the Status column indicating that the class is added successfully.

You may also view the View the Academic Requirements through the Planner.  The Navigation is Academics Menu > Planner.

Step 12

The Add Classes page with Action Menu open..Click the Planner link on the Menu.





Step 13

The My Planner page Click the Plan By My Requirements button.






Step 14

Updated Plan by My Requirements page. Click the collapse all button to have an overview of requirements.





Step 15

Updated Plan by My Requirements page. Click the Expand section Pre-Veterinary Medicine (AS) graphic to view the Required Courses for the subject.





Step 16

Updated Play by My Requirements page.Click the Expand section Required: graphic to view the Required courses.

You may also view the  Electives associated with the course.




Step 17

Updated Required Coursework information. Click the Eth Issues Using Animals link.






Step 18                   

Course Detail information.Click the add to planner button.

From here, you may add the Courses / Classes from the Planner.




Step 19

Course Detail information You have successfully enrolled the student into the class through Academic Requirements.


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