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Using Kentico

Adding Images to a Page

For additional information about image sizes, and best practices visit the Image Guidelines page.

Selected text in the text editor.

Step 1

Figure 1 - Place the cursor where you want the image to appear in your text, and click on the Insert/Edit Image or Media button.

The Insert Image or Media Pop-Up

Step 2

Figure 1 - Select the Media Libraries tab from the Insert Image or Media pop-up window.

Figure 2 - Select your department name from the Library dropdown.

Figure 3 - If you do not see your department name listed, select (More Libraries...) to search for your department's Media Library.

The Insert Image or Media Pop-Up

Step 3

Figure 1 - Upload an image to the media library from your computer.


Figure 2 - Select an existing image.

The Insert Image or Media Pop-Up

Step 4

Figure 1 - Write a short description of the image in the Alternate Text field, this information is neceesary for blind and low vision visitors.

NOTE: If you are posting a flyer, poster, or any other picture containing text, please ensure that ALL relevent data is included in the images Alternate Text.

Figure 2 - Use the Align dropdown menu to position your text on either the right or left side of the page.

Figure 3 - Press Save & Close to add the image to the page.

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