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Using Kentico

Moving Items

Comparing the Content Tree and the Sidebar Menu

Understanding the Content Tree

Your Department's Sidebar Munu (right image) is programmed so that it matches the order of the Content Tree (left image) as it appears within the Pages Application.

Any changes made to the position of an item in the content tree are immediately made to the live site as well.

Items that appear indented below other items within the content tree are children or sub-pages of that item. They only appear on the sidebar menu on the live site when the parent item is selected.

The editing toolbar above the Content Tree is highlighted.

Moving Items Using the Tool Bar

The tool bar directly above the Content Tree can be used to change the position of items within the Content Tree.

First, select the item you would like to move.

Figure 1 - The "Move To" button opens a dialogue box, and asks you to select a new parent item for the item you selected.

Figure 2 - The "Move Up" button moves the selected item up one position in the Content Tree.

Figure 3 - The "Move Down" button moves the selected item down one position in the Content Tree.

The Content Tree menu appears in the left hand window of the pages application.

Moving Items by "Drag and Drop"

You can also move items within the Content Tree by dragging and dropping.

Figure 1 - The "Move Here..." Icon.

When an item is dragged a page icon with an arrow (similar to the Move To button) will appear in the Content Tree, to indicate where the item will appear when it is dropped.

To make an item a child or subpage of another item, drag it under and to the right of the new parent item. You will see the "Move Here..." indicator indent to show that the item you are dragging will become a child of the above item.

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