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Using Kentico

Pages Editing

The Pages Application button

Step 1

From the Dashboard, select the Pages Application.

The "Tree" menu appears in the left-hand window of the Pages Application.

Step 2

The Pages Application is divided into two windows. The left-hand window holds the "tree", a folder structure menu of every page on the website. The right-hand window displays the selected page for editing.

Navigate to the page you wish to edit using the tree menu.

Figure 1 - Click on the blue + icon to open a folder.

Figure 2 - Then click on the name of the page you would like to edit.

Editable region with a black bar above it.

Step 3

Figure 1 - A black toolbar will appear above any editable region on the selected page.

Edit the content using the available styling options.

The Save button appears above the editing window.

Step 4

Figure 1 - Click Save to save your changes. The changes you have made are now live.

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