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Using Kentico

The Kentico Toolbar

Please refer to the Editorial Manual of Style for additional information about how best to use styling on your pages.

The Kentico WYSIWYG toolbar.

Figure 1 - Source Code

Allows you to edit the HTML of the page directly.
For Advanced Users Only.

Figure 2 - Clean Up Tools

Use the Paste From Word button whenever you copy and paste from a Word Document or Website to remove unwanted styling.
Use the Clear Formatting button to remove all styling from the selected text including bold and italic.

Figure 3 - Undo and Redo

Figure 4 - Bold and Italic

Figure 5 - Text Styles

Use this dropdown to apply special styling to the selected text, such as Headings, and Blockquotes.

Figure 6 - Lists and Indentation

Complicated information should be presented in bulleted lists or numbered lists whenever possible.

Figure 7 - Text Alignment

Set the alignment of the selected paragraph.

Figure 8 - Links and Anchors

Learn more about applying links and anchors.

Figure 9 - Media

Learn more about adding images to pages using the Insert/Edit Image button
The Horizontal Rule button creates a gray line to break up text.
Tables can be used to include complex information on a page. Learn more about creating compliant tables.

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