Press Release

“Shed Skin”


Opening Reception : 3/18   5-8pm in Da Vinci Gallery, Los Angeles City College



DA Vinci Gallery proudly presents  “Shed Skin”, a group show by three Los Angeles based artists:

Julia Schwartz, Steven Steinman and Kanchan Richardson.


The show is inspired by Kanchan Richardson’s New York performance, in which she placed a paint covered boa constrictor in a box that she covered with her drawings of cages representing her “self inflicted obsession with captivity”. The snake’s movements left a “skin” of scaly marks on the drawings, which eroded the structures of the drawn cages. In Richardson’s sculptural work, the snake becomes the visual vehicle manifesting thoughts about the rhythm of energy being pent up and being released in a sudden strike.  


Steven Steinman employs non- traditional drawing methods like frottage, wipings and scratchings to transfer the surface of his objects onto paper. These surfaces leave an imprint much like a second skin. Disembodied from the objects, freed from any organizing form or structure, Steinman’s  “skins” radiate light and an incorporeal sense of space.


In Julia Schwartz’s work coil and release are to be found in her process of painting, with which she mines the subconscious. The marks on her canvas come together and hold form briefly before they are submerged and integrated into sensuous swirls of paint. Her paintings settle into a state of becoming rather than being. Recompose and outburst hold a viscous balance. 


Steinman has an impressive national and international exhibition record and his work is represented in many important collections such as the Hammer Museum, San Diego Museum of Art, and the National Gallery in DC.  Julia Schwartz has exhibited widely and as the Arts editor for Figure/Ground Communication, she interviews visual and other artists about their creative process Richardson recently graduated from Cooper Union and works in drawing, sculpture and video.


The show will run through April 16th. Gallery Hours are M/T/Th 12-4 and W 12-3 or by appointment.