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These Limbs Statement

A cipher is a thing that amounts to zero in a mathematical sense. In a novelistic sense, it’s the character whose personality is least specified, the one that is empty and most available for the reader to imbue with their own personality. The figures in this exhibit vary from the level of generality in their features, but all share a common abstraction.

Camilla Taylor creates the sculptural equivalent by paring down the figure until only what is absolutely necessary remains. This minimized figure feels personal, mimicking the near unconscious ideas we hold in our heads of our own bodies and those of others. But the figures are generalized enough that they take on that meaning for many people--it’s been said to Taylor many times that a viewer has met or seen figures similar to her sculptures in either dreams or nightmares.

By Camilla Taylor
Da Vinci Gallery at Los City College is proud to present These Limbs by Camilla Taylor. Ms. Taylor is a graduate from Cal State, Long Beach with a Master's of Fine Arts in printmaking. Her work continues its investigation of paring down of the figure to portray the ethereal being. The viewer is drawn into empathizing with each portrayal connecting with the textural surface created through the use of fabric, cortonnage and a minimal amount of color and the way Ms. Taylor elongates the form. The figures are reminiscent of Giacometti's work in abstracting the figure, but Ms. Taylor work conveys a figure which is burden; it slumps, stretches and sighs. The figures may stand alone or congregate into small cliches making one wonder what they are up to.

Stacey Wexler, Director

Da Vinci Gallery

Los Angeles City College