ART and Art History

Please join us for the opening reception of Show & Tell, curated by Danny Escalante and Luis Flores
on Saturday,  February 28th, 2015, 5pm to 8pm.

Aarum Alatore
Alice Lang
Arturo Molinar Avita
Andres Payan
Jennifer Remenchik
Lauren Steinberg

Show & Tell:
Control, History, Experience, Spectator, Belief, Simple Aesthetic Pleasure, Completion, Reflection, Aspiration,
Unfulfilled Ownership, Totemic-Power, Insertion, Rude Mugs, Tree Mugs, Complete Feng Shui, Good Luck,
Desirable Desperation, Impulse Souvenirs, Key chains, Buzzwords, Vintage Performance,
Immaculate Projection, Passionate Abstraction, Affinity, Pleasure, and Human Beings.