computer applications & office Technology (CAOT)

Computer Applications and Office Technologies

(323) 953-4000 ext. 2549

CAOT Faculty Offices • Da Vinci Hall, Room 207 or 212

The department offers a wide variety of computer applications courses such as MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Dreamweaver, as well as Windows, Internet, Business English, Business Communications, and specialty Legal and Medical Office Assistant courses . All keyboarding courses use software designed not only for learning touch-method typing but also for preparing documents using Word. The department currently offers online/hybrid sections of Keyboarding I and II, MS Word, and MS Office.

Classes are scheduled during the day Monday through Friday, evenings Monday through Thursday, and on Saturdays. For more information about our programs, click the CAOT CATALOG PAGE button at the top of this page. You could also  visit the CAOT faculty offices on the second floor of Da Vinci Hall, Rooms 207 and 212, or call (323) 953-4000, Ext. 2910 or 2549, for more information.


 bullet Microsoft Certification Exam: The CAOT discipline is now a testing center for Microsoft Certification exams which will be available to students and district employees. Click here then click the MOUS Certification link for details. For more information, or to make an exam appointment, contact David Coleman at (323)953-4000, Ext. 2908.

Certificate Program requirements and applications: We offer six basic certificates that require as few as two courses and five specialty certificates. Refer to the college catalog for all program offerings and course requirements. Students need to apply for their certificate during the semester that they will complete the final course in the program they are persuing.  Applications are available December through March of each academic year. 

View the "Degree and Certificate Programs" tab to left on this page  to download the 2015-2016 application forms and/or to obtain additional information.

FALL 2015 applications  are available December 14, 2015.

DEADLINE: COMPLETED FALL 2015 APPLICATION FORM AND ANY ADDITIONAL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS (Transcripts, Petitions, etc) ARE DUE WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, 2016 BY 4:00PM TO THE DEPARTMENT CHAIR'S OFFICE (AD-304).  There is a drop slot on the office door where documents may be submitted anytime.  

General Petition forms and transcripts are available in the Admissions office (AD-100)

bullet Legal Program: Click here for information on our Legal Office Training Program. We offer a Basic Legal Office Certificate for our Legal Office Assistant majors. For more information please contact Professor Wanda Yonge at (323)953-4000, Ext. 2909.
bullet Medical Program: Medical Terminology is your starting place for a career in health care. Click here for more information on careers in the health field. We offer a Basic Medical Transcription Certificate and a Basic Medical Administrative Certificate. For more information, contact our department office at 953-4000, Ext. 2549.
bullet Internship Program: The CAOT Department is actively seeking qualified student candidates to participate in our Internship Partnership program in which you can earn credit for working. For more information please contact Ms. Brenda Bell at (323)953-4000, Ext. 2910.