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DEGREE AND CERTIFICATE PROGRAM OFFERINGS AND COURSE REQUIREMENTS: For a list of programs and course requirements for a specific degree or certificate, click the CAOT CATALOG PAGE button at the top of this page.

Note: AA Degrees require additional General Education courses that are not listed in the catalog pages.  It is recommended that you meet with a counselor who could help you determine which additional courses are required for graduation and assist you with creating an Educational Plan so that you can reach your goal in a timely manner. Counseling office is located in AD-108 and may also be reached at (323)953-4000, Ext. 2250 or Ext. 2258.




Note: Certificate requirements change frequently. Refer to the catalog for the course requirements.

You must fill out and submit the appropriate application to the department chairperson in order to receive your certificate. Be sure you meet the requirements and submit the application by the deadline!!


Students need to apply for their certificate during the semester that they will complete the final course in the program they are persuing.  

current transcript of all coursework required for the certificate must be submitted with your application.

TRANSCRIPTS: Click here to print an unofficial transcript from the Student Information System.


2015-2016 Certificate applications are available December 14, 2015.


SPRING 2016 Application and any additional required documents are due to the DEPARTMENT CHAIR'S OFFICE (AD-304) ON THURSDAY JUNE 16, 2016 BY 4:00PM. There is a drop slot on the office door where documents may be submitted anytime. 

 FILL-IN  CERTIFICATE APPLICATIONS  Please select the correct application below.  Then fill in necessary data.  You can print the document from your own printer and submit to our department office (AD-304).

Business Disciplines  - Certificate Application  Click Here

CAOT Specialty Certificate Application  Click Here

CAOT Basic Certificate Application  Click Here


 SPRING 2016 Certificate Application Information Sheet



Associate in Arts Degree Programs:
Graduation Petitions for all  Associate of Arts Degrees are processed through the Office of Admissions. For more information, contact the Admissions office in person (AD100), or by phone at (323)953-4000, Ext 2104.