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LACC's dedicated Child Development professionals, and a few satisfied customers Welcome to the Child Development Department website. We will be providing you with information on the various certificate and degree programs offered through our department, as well as course descriptions, who the CD faculty and staff are, and other news.

Students wishing to prepare for employment in early childhood programs and those currently employed may select several alternative patterns of study in the Child Development Program. The curriculum prepares students to teach or administer programs for young children which include: Private Early Childhood Programs, Public programs such as school district children centers and Head Start Programs, Head Start, Infant and School Age Programs.

Courses allow the student to prepare for increasingly higher levels of employment and certification. It is possible to prepare for the educational requirements of the State Department of Social Services, the California Child Development Permit, the Associate of Arts Degrees in Child Development, or the Transfer Program.

  • Students entering the Child Development Certificate Program must take the English Placement Assessment. See Student Assistance for information and appointments.
  • Check your class schedule for English 21/73 and English 28/31 for co-requisite requirements.
  • Successful completion of English 28/31 or higher, or appropriate placement on the College assessment is required for all Certificates.
  • All students must receive a grade of C or better to meet course requirements.
  • Many levels of State Teacher Certification require early childhood experience.
  • Employment in early childhood education requires state and federal fingerprint clearance.

Child Development Programs

  • AA2BA Degree Partnership Program A LAUP Earlycare and Education Workforce Initiative (WFI) funded project
  • Child Development Training Consortium (CDTC)
  • California Early Childhood Mentor Program