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Programs at LACC
Digital Camcorders
Digital Video
Show your film on the Internet
Film Distribution
Film and Video Organizations
Directories and Databases - Info about Film Festivals and Production Resources
Schools and Education
Other Information
Housing and Apartments

Programs at LACC

LACC Photography Department - A top rated program with many specialized courses.
LACC Theater Arts Department - One of the best theatrical training programs in the country.
LACC Music Department - Many well-known musicians have completed this program.

Digital Camcorders Good resource for Camcorders. Prices and Reviews. Lots of great information. Excellent price comparisons and consumer reviews More price comparisons
B&H Photo/Video Great source for pro and consumer equipment . Excellent product descriptions Forum and info for the advanced digital cinematographer


Eastman Kodak - Info on filmstocks and imaging technology.
Mole-Richardson - The major manufacturer of lighting and grip equipment. Has a great on-line store for expendables.
The Power Broker - Pre-owned Motion Picture Equipment (industry links too) - Cinematography Information
American Cinematographer - The ultimate cinematographer website.
In-Sync Magazine On-Line - Classified ads for camera equipment
Spectra Film and Video - Lab services for Super-8 and 16mm


FilmTVSound - Professional motion picture audio equipment, articles on sound, etc.
Location Sound - Professional motion picture audio equipment, articles on sound, links to audio manufacturers, etc.
Trew Audio  - Professional motion picture audio equipment
Pro Sound News - The latest news in professional motion picture sound.
Audio Engineering Society - A professional society devoted exclusively to audio engineering


Cinovation Maker of Scriptware software
Creative Screenwriting Another good site for screenwriters.
Script Magazine
Creative Screenwriting - Lots of great information plus regular blog's by Tom Stempel


Video Editing Software Reviews Top Ten Windows based editing Programs for under $100
Editors Guild of America Good information for editors by this important industry organization.
Motion Picture Sound Editors Valuable information about the post-production process on this organization's website.
Visual Effects Headquarters Info on special effects for major films
Moviola - Industry news and events, Camera rentals

Digital Video

Digital Video on Good overview on DV
Avid Avid's Official Website
Joni Varner's Digital Video Links Valuable links to sources for building your own digital editing system. Lots of great information. You might check-out the magazine as well.
PC Magazine Abundance of information on software, computers, cameras, etc. A huge variety of accessories and unique items for the digital producer.
Digital Producer Online magazine on production and directing
Desk Top Video More information on how to shoot. Geared for the beginner.
Film Emporium Production Insurance Insurance from major providers.

Show your film on the Internet

LACC films on Here are some LACC student films uploaded by the producers. Free placement. - Online Videos A variety of interesting short documentaries and reality subjects Dedicated to Student Films

Film Distribution

Film and Video Organizations

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences The official Academy website.
Directors Guild of America Comprehensive information on the DGA. Great links.
Writers Guild of America All kinds of information for screenwriters. Excellent research links.
National Association of Broadcasters All sorts of information for Broadcasters. See you in Las Vegas.
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers The SMPTE sets the standards in motion imaging. Many links to technical organizations.
SAG/AFTRA The offical SAG/AFTRA site. Lots of info for actors.
Women in Film A great organization for women who wish to network.
Independent Feature Project/West An excellent resource organization for independent feature filmmakers.
International Documentary Association Promotes the publics awareness of documentaries. Good clearinghouse for grants.
American Cinematheque Presents various unique film series in Hollywood.
California Chicano News Media Association Resource for job seeking and internships in journalism and the media.
Film Independent Good film organization. More resources. 

Directories and Databases - Info about Film Festivals and Production Resources

KFTV Film and TV Production Services Handbook Free database of resources necessary for the filmmaker
Yahoo listing of Film Festivals This listing is one of the most complete we've seen.
The Internet Movie Database Excellent! This is the most comprehensive database we know of. It has nearly every movie, actor, producer, director, cinematographer, editor, etc. you can think of.
AscendCasting, Actor's Listings
Shock Cinema  Cult movie guide
My Entertainment World. Industry information. Job opportunities. Free Casting notices for students
Mandy's International Film and Television Production Directory. Lots of Jobs and Internship opportunities.
Entertainment Careers. Great information on how to get a job in the industry. Information about filmmaking. Geared to the Indie producer. An online directory of film and tv professionals.
Production Guide, Directory and jobs for film and video Good Resource for Independent filmmakers
Casting Networks Los Angeles -  Filmmakers cast their Projects




Hollywood Reporter
Daily Variety Online
Moviemaker Magazine
Billboard Music and Radio

Books Largest on-line book seller - discount prices.
Barnes and Noble Another large on-line bookseller with discounts. Get your textbooks at LACC

Schools and Education

Back to College Information about internships, online degrees, life experience credit and financial aid, among other subjects (tips on studying, relating to professors, book reviews, etc.) Accredited Online College database Low-cost online colleges

Other Information Job Search database
Filmunderground Lots of good technical information.
LACC Alumni Registry

Housing and Apartments

Westside Rentals
Apartment Source
Apartment Stores
Roommate Matchers


Yale Film Lab - Super-8, 16mm, Tele-Cine in North Hollywood, CA
Spectra Film and Video - Super-8, 16mm, Tele-Cine in North Hollywood, CA
Super-8 Camera Guide - Nearly every Super-8 camera ever made is described here.