Certificates in Computer Science-Information technology will be issued by the Mathematics department upon application to the department by the student and successful completion of one or more of the following sequences.

Application Software Certificate
This sequence of courses prepares students for careers in applications software development and usage in fields related to databases, networking, multimedia, web technologies, business analysis, and/or programming. Students successfully completing this program will find opportunities for employment in various industries depending on the track chosen for the electives.

Computer Networking
This course sequence offers state of the art hands-on training in designing, configuring, and maintaining basic networks using Cisco’s routers and switches. The program also prepares students for the Cisco's Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) exam.

Database Administration
This course sequence offers state of the art hands-on training in setting up and administering Oracle relational databases and prepares students for the Oracle professional certification in database administration.

Database Developer
Use Oracle Developer Suite 10g and deploy applications on the Web with Oracle Application Server 10g. The students learn how to build forms and reports and use the web to access them.

Programming Language Certificate
This course sequence provide students with comprehensive training in high-demand programming languages and tools such as Visual Basic, C++, Java, Perl, XML, ASP, and others. Student can choose electives from five exciting tracks: Databases, Web Development, Multimedia, Operating Systems, and Advanced Programming. Successful completion of the program will prepare students for an exciting career in software analysis, design, and development.

Web Client
The Web Client Technologies program provide training in the use of client-side web technologies for the design and development of interactive web sites. These include the use of HTML, DHTML, XML, Java, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, and Flash in web development.

Web Server
The Web Server Technologies program provide training in the use of server-side web technologies for the design and development of E-Commerce web sites. These include the use of CGI scripts, Active Server Pages, and Database Servers to create realistic e-commerce sites. Server-side concepts related to the Windows and Unix operating systems are also covered along with business strategies in implementing business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce sites. Students will also get introduction to the Oracle’s database technology and how to develop dynamic, interactive and scalable database-driven Web applications.

UNIX Operating Systems
The UNIX operating system is very widely used in education, business, science, and industry both in servers and in desktop applications. Almost 70% of the Internet's World Wide Web servers are driven by some version of UNIX or LINUX. UNIX is used in specialty desktop systems that require complex graphics or scientific processing. In servers, UNIX supports web services, database systems, advanced scientific computing, and vast communications networks. UNIX can be used in cluster systems requiring thousands of precessors or in small embedded systems involved in simple robotic applications. It is the system of choice for the vast majority of university applications.

Operating Systems
This program provides hands-on training in the use of UNIX and WINDOWS operating systems and prepares students for Microsoft Certificate Professional (MCP) examination.