Basic admission requirements


Click to view the Information Session schedule, filing dates and deadlines listed here:  Orientation Announcement.

To access the application for the LACC Registered Nursing Program, please click on:  ADN Nursing Program Application.   Only Students QUALIFIED & APPROVED by the LA City College Nursing Counselor may submit an application. Please attend an Information Session for more information if you have not already.

The Los Angeles City College Nursing Program accepts applications twice a year: September for the Spring semester and February for the Fall semester admission. Contact the Nursing Department for specific dates for each semester.

Required Steps to Apply to the Nursing Program

In order to obtain a Program Application, the following steps MUST be completed well in advance of the application filing period:

  1. All students, who are accepted into the Nursing Program. except current and returning LACC students need to submit a college application to the LACC Admissions Office. International students must first apply to the International Student Program.
  2. All U.S. transcripts must first be mailed directly from the college attended to the LACC Nursing Department. Once the student is accepted into the Nursing Program, all transcripts must then be sent directly from the college attended to the LACC Admissions Office. Hand-carried U.S. transcripts of any kind are NOT acceptable. Students must confirm with the Nursing Department and Admissions Office that transcripts have arrived prior to making a counseling appointment.
  3. All transcripts outside of the U.S. must be evaluated according to the following procedures:
  • Must complete 12 units with a “C” average within the LACCD prior to submitting any petition for credit.
  • Submit foreign transcripts to an LACC-approved foreign transcripts evaluation service to obtain credit recommendations.
  • Submit to the college’s Petitions Committee a sealed copy of the evaluation service’s credit recommendations along with a petition for approval of credit. Credit approval by the Petitions Committee is NOT automatic (see a counselor for details).
  1. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to evaluate your transcripts well in advance of the application deadline and only after completion of Steps 1 through 3. The counselor will prepare an “Academic GPA Worksheet” form verifying that all nursing program prerequisites are completed with a “C” or better.
  2. Apply to the Nursing Program during the application period. Students must have a completed “Academic GPA Worksheet” form in their file in order to obtain a nursing application.

Selection Process

  • Nursing Program application and transcripts will be evaluated using the criteria from the Chancellor’s Office Validation Study. The Chancellor’s Office Validation Study is based on predicting student success in the nursing program. The Chancellor’s Office Validation Study evaluates the student’s overall grade point average (GPA), the GPA of Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and English, and the repetitions of Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology. This evaluation criterion establishes a “cut score”. Students must receive a cut score of 80 or above beginning Spring 2009 on the Chancellor’s Office Validation Study to be considered for admission into the nursing program.
  • Students who successfully achieve or exceed the cut score on the Chancellor’s Office Validation Study will be invited to take the “TEAS V” (Test of Essential Academic Skills) admission examination. The “TEAS V” admission examination consists of 170 questions in a proctored, standardized assessment which evaluates each student on skills in reading, math, science, and English language. Students may prepare for the “TEAS V” admission examination by purchasing from the bookstore the TEAS V Pre-Test Study Manual prior to taking the admission examination. The minimum required composite “TEAS V” score is 62% to pass. Effective january 2011.
  • The LACC Nursing Program will review the first TEAS attempt. If the first attempt is below the passing score, students must remediate and submit documentation of successful completion of remediation, before a second TEAS attempt will be approved. It is desireable that remediation be completed at LACC. Students must pass their second attempt TEAS with 62% in each category in order to be considered for application to the LACC Nursing Program. Failure of 2 or more TEAS attempts may exclude students from applying to the LACC Nursing Program.
  • If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of seats available for entrance into the nursing program a random drawing of the eligible applicants is conducted.
  • All applicants will receive a letter of acceptance or denial from the nursing department by mail after the process is completed.
  • Students accepted into the nursing program must accept or reject their acceptance by telephone call to the Nursing Department by the posted date or their seat will be given to the next eligible applicant.
  • All students not selected into the nursing program may reapply to the nursing program for the next following semester.
  • NO applications will be kept on file and all applications will be destroyed after a two year period.
  • Please verify all admission and prerequisite requirements with the Nursing Department, as modifications are ongoing in an effort to assist students to achieve a successful outcome.

Nursing Program Prerequisites

  1. Anatomy 1 (4 semester units) and Physiology 1 (4 semester units) - OR - Physiology 8 (4 semester units) and Physiology 9 (4 semester units)
  2. Microbiology 20 -or- an equivalent General Microbiology courses with lab (4 semester units)
  3. English 101
  4. High school Chemistry or one college Chemistry course with a lab.
  5. Passing Score on Algebra Competency Test or Math 115 or higher level of math course.
  6. Psychology 1 and Psychology 41 (Lifespan)

All applicants must have an overall college GPA of 2.5 or higher. All applicants must also have an overall core bioscience (anatomy, physiology, microbiology) of 2.0 or higher, with no grade less than “C”.

To graduate from the college and receive an AS degree in nursing, the following must be completed prior to graduation. Due to the new compressed schedule, the Nursing Faculty strongly encourages students to complete all coursework prior to entering the nursing program.

  • Speech 101
  • Sociology 1 or Anthropology 102
  • Humanities:  Three-unit course under graduation Plan B.  Social and Behavioral Science Requirement: Three-unit course under graduation Plan B.
  • Physical Education (Kinesiology):  One-unit course.

We appreciate your interest in the nursing program and wish you success in achieving your career goals. You may stop by the nursing office, contact the nursing office at 323-953-4000 x2065, or visit the Nursing webpage at www.lacitycollege.edu

No exceptions will be made to the verification process or to the application filing deadline.