The Photography discipline’s mission is to provide the highest quality education available to students seeking either a vocational AA degree in Applied Photography, a transferable interdisciplinary AA degree in Performing and Visual Arts, or a certificate in Digital Photography, Photojournalism or Commercial Photography.
Degree:  AA - Applied Photography
Degree Description:                                            
This curriculum will prepare the student for a career in professional photography, as a photographer and/or photographic laboratory technician. Training includes lighting, design and professional techniques of color and black and white photography for various publication media, advertising, portraiture and display, as well as custom production of commercial color prints using a wide variety of materials and techniques and state of the art equipment including digital cameras, inkjet printers and scanners. Students will be introduced to computer digital  imaging  technology,  including  instruction  in  Adobe  Photoshop techniques.
Degree Learning Outcomes                     
The student will:   
1. Select the proper equipment and materials, including camera formats, lens focal lengths, film  selection and print formats based upon the needs of individual photographic assignments.
2. Pre-visualize the final photographs including locations, subject matter, lighting techniques and composition based on particular photographic assignments.
3. Accurately calculate proper exposure in camera, including selection of appropriate shutter speeds and apertures with the use of a light meter, and properly calculate development times and printing times based on film selection for specific photographic assignments.
4. Produce a cohesive body of work as a portfolio, that demonstrates personal style, aesthetic awareness and technical proficiency.
Certificate of Achievement:  Commercial Photography
Certificate Learning Outcomes
The student will:
1. Skillfully process film.
2. Apply camera manipulation techniques to illustrate properly corrected architectural perspective.
3. Demonstrate studio camera use.
4. Use Photoshop to construct advanced digitized images by manipulation. 
5. Create portfolio and presentation, self-promotion and advertising.
Certificate of Achievement:  Digital Photography 
Certificate Learning Outcomes
The student will:
1. Operate a digital SLR camera using advanced functions.
2. Identify and correct color balance and contrast in digital files.
3. Use the tools in Adobe Raw Processor to correctly process a RAW file.
4. Organize Retouching, Repairing and Enhancement of images.. 
5. Demonstrate proper technique when operating electronic flash in the studio and on location.
Certificate of Achievement:  Photojournalism 
Certificate Learning Outcomes
The student will:
1. Demonstrate the advanced operations of a digital SLR camera in program mode.
2. Identify and correct color balance and contrast in digital files.
3. Organize images in a searchable archive using Adobe Bridge.
4. Recognize and evaluate the elements of news photography.
5. Crop and size photos for newspaper publication.