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Raman Mapping of Mars Relevant Minerals using Multiple Excitation Wavelengths
Mentor: Rohit Bhartia (JPL)

We are currently developing Raman/fluorescence micro-mapping instrument that would enable an arm mounted flight instrument for future Mars Rovers. This micro-mapper will combine deep UV Raman & fluorescence spectroscopy to enable imaging of organics entrained within rocks, with Raman spectroscopy used for detailed mineralogy, enabling spatially correlated organic-mineral maps.

CURE student tasks: As part of this effort, we are conducting a systematic comparison of Raman spectra for Martian-relevant minerals using multiple excitation wavelengths, including deep UV in order to determine the optimal combination of wavelengths and techniques required to acquire maps from potential samples.

Bhartia et al (2008) Appl Spec 62 (10), 1070-77


CURE interns:


Mimi Parker - Fall 2012, Spring 2013

Margot Paez - Spring 2013, Summer 2013, Fall 2013

Michael Wilburn, Paul Killam - Summer 2014