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Space Physics Instrumentation
Mentor: Neil Murphy (JPL)

Work on the development of space physics instrumentation - we are developing two instrument types: A solar remote sensing instrument to measure velocity and magnetic fields on the sun and an in-situ magnetometer for making precise and accurate magnetic field measurements from future space missions.

Reference: Murphy, N., et al, Chromospheric observations in the Helium 1083nm line - A new instrument, ESA SP-592, 2005.

CURE student tasks: Hands on laboratory work, spectroscopy, vacuum work, interface programming. Some background in physics, solar physics or instrumentation would help, but there are a wide range of activities that a student could contribute to.


CURE interns:

  • Ivan Bernal, Summer 2009 - Summer 2010
  • Stephanie Zajac, Summer 2009 - Spring 2010
  • Raquel Nuno, Summer 2010
  • Jacquelyn Harrington, Summer 2010
  • Rossen Chemelekov/Kelvin Konevsky, Summer 2012
  • Logan Rudd - Spring 2014, summer 2014
  • Gerardo Hernandez - Spring 2014, Summer 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015

I. Bernal, Presentation at the JPL Seminar Days 2010.

J. Harrington, Presentation at the JPL Seminar Days 2010.

R. Nuno, Presentation at the JPL Seminar Days 2010.

R. Chemelekov, K. Kovensky Presentation at the JPL Seminar Days 2012.

L. Rudd, G. Hernandez Testing a Compact Doppler Magnetograph, 2014