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CURE Student Project Reports and Presentations

Summer 2014

  • James Frederick, Photometry of Comet C/2013 UQ4. Presentation
  • Mark Shiffer, High Precision Astrometry of Occulting Asteroids. Presentation 
  • Gilberto Castaneda, High Precision Astrometry of Occulting      Asteroids.  Presentation 
  • Ian Harley, Photometric Modeling of the Ultra-fast Rotating Asteroid 2014 GN1. Presentation
  • Logan Rudd, 
  • Gerardo Hernandez, 
  • Michael Wilburn, 
  • Paul Killam, The Development of a Matlab Program to Extrapolate a 3D Surface from a Set of 2D, Shallow Depth of Field Images. Presentation



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