Debate Team
  • Communication Across Cultures
  • Oral Interpretation
  • Voice and Articulation
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  • Forensics

The Speech Department's Forensics Program has both a strong Policy Debate program and an Individual Events program. In 2006 the debate term was ranked 4th in the nation among Community College Policy Debate teams. Kelli Jackson (shown above) received Silver, Gold, and Bronze Awards in Interpretation at the State and National Speech Tournaments in Spring 2008. Read more about Kelli's Story.

  • Speaking English as a Second Language
  • Level I -Speech 71
  • Leve lI - Speech 72
  • Level III - Speech 73
  • Speech 113

The Department's Speech Clinic is a support program for students enrolled in Speech Department Classes. Speech Pathologists are available to assist students with communication disorders as well as to assist students in expanding their abilities to verbally communicate clearly and effectively.


Mission Statement

The Speech Department demonstrates a strong commitment to a mission of emphasizing the importance of oral communication as a basis for all human activity - to individual development, to interpersonal activity and to the functioning of all political, business, economic, cultural and social institutions. The department encourages students to examine communication behavior with the goal of understanding the structure, patterns, and effects of human communication. Students are encouraged to facilitate a higher quality of communication effectiveness both as individuals and for society. The mission of the department seeks to improve individual abilities for public speaking through a transfer program leading to a degree as well as providing essential skills in handling informal conversations, creating and maintaining healthy relationships, interacting with individuals from other cultures, solving problems in groups and reaching sound decisions. The department promotes awareness of regional, state and global development by observing and managing the communication dynamics of organizations and becoming effective producers and consumers of informative, persuasive and artistic messages.