Welcome to the Department of Architecture of the

Los Angeles City College

The Department of Architecture of the Los Angeles City College offers a two year program leading to an Associate Degree in Architecture. With this degree, a graduate can enter an architectural firm as a qualified draftperson.

On completion of this program, it is also possible to transfer to a four or five-year program at a university where the following opportunities are available:

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Meet the Faculty

A staff of several instructors currently teach in the Department. Most of them maintain office of campus for private practice, and are aware and abreast of all current architectural methods and procedures. They are also well versed in computer related applications.

To meet some of them, select one hieroglyph at a time.


The Department of Architecture is located in Franklin Hall on the Ground Floor, with an entrance on Vermont Avenue. It is part of the ACETEC Department. Georges Holmes is the Chairman and he can be reached at: (213) 953-4359.

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