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Los Angeles City College has an outstanding tradition of basketball achievement including twenty-six Conference Championships, two State Championships and a National Championship.

The 1930s & The First Team
When Los Angeles Junior College (LAJC) opened in 1929 there was no men's gymnasium building. The basketball team had to practice in the old women's gym, which was located on Vermont Avenue. Home games were usually played at Hollywood High School. The only facilities on campus were a locker room and shower room adjacent to the swimming pool and an athletic field shared by football, track and baseball. The present men's gym was completed in 1935.

LAJC's first men's basketball was one of four major sports fielded for competition. At the time, the Men's Physical Education Department had four faculty: Arthur Scheuttner, Department Chair and head football coach; Joe Fleming, assistant football coach; Harry Campbell, assistant football and basketball coach; and, Glenn Ackerman, basketball coach who joined the faculty mid-year and began as head coach in the 1931 season.

Coach Harry Campbell graduated from UCLA and also attended Occidental and USC. He came to LAJC from Washington High School. He had good reason to be proud of the team's first year of competition. The Cubs basketball team was very successful, winning seven games and losing one. Unfortunately, the loss was in the championship to the Chaffey Junior College team by three points, 35-38. The wins included; LAJC 38, Fullerton 10; LAJC 52, Santa Monica 32; LAJC 32, Long Beach 26; LAJC 42, Compton 24; LAJC 38, Pasadena 35.

LAJC faced Chaffey again in 1931 and again lost. But in 1932, Chaffey fell to the Cubs in the junior college championship for Southern California. Glenn Ackerman, from Sutter Creek High School where he had coached the basketball team to three championships, was now directing the team. Coach Ackerman graduated from Oregon State College and retired from the LACC faculty in 1963 after an accomplished career.

By 1938, the Cubs basketball team, now coached by David Ferrell, finished second in the conference competition. They defeated Santa Monica 53-31, Glendale 49-24, Ventura 35-23, Pasadena 27-22, and Long 33-32.

During the 1930's and 1940's, LAJC was one of the most dominant programs on the West Coast. The Cubs played a tough schedule during which included local Division I powerhouses USC and UCLA. In 1950, the LACC basketball team, in their inaugural appearance, triumphed in he 16 team National Championship tournament held in Hutchinson, Kansas. Three members of that team went on to play professional basketball. Last season, Coach Miller organized the 50 year reunion for the living members of that 1949-50 National Championship team. UCLA head coach Steve Lavin was the guest speaker at the banquet, held in the men's gym. Seven of the original team members attended, as did numerous friends and family, as well as current LACC team members.
Note: Prior to 1950, California community college athletic teams competed on both the National and State levels. However, this changed during the 50's . Today, California community colleges no longer compete nationally. The highest honors achievable are at the state level.

In the 1960's and 1970's, LACC saw continued success as the Cubs prospered in the California Community College ranks.

During the 1980's, the Cub's den was empty for several years as the program was shut down with the rest of the LACC athletic department. When the team took to the floor again for the 1988-89 season, it was excellent as usual as the Cubs won the Conference Championship in their first year back on the hardwood.

Over the past five seasons (starting with 1999-2000), LACC has posted the best winning percentage and the most wins in College Basketball.

FROM 1999/2000 - 2003/2004

LACC 160-21 .884
Duke 152-26 .854
Stanford 132-28 .825
Gonzaga 133-32 .806
Cincinnati 127-37 .799
Utah State 128-33 .795
U. Connecticut 137-37 .787
Kansas 137-38 .783
Oklahoma 131-37 .780
Arizona 127-39 .765

In the past thirteen years, the Cubs have averaged almost 30 wins per season and recorded thirteen straight Conference Championships. During this same time, City has sent almost 50 players to four-year schools to continue their basketball careers. This shows that City Basketball is well known for success in team academics as well as success on the court.


Coach Years Won-Lost Winning
Michael Miller 1992- 397-82 .828 Thirteen
Ed Carmichael 1951-56 113-41 .733 Two
William Thayer 1968-74 92-73 .557 Two
David Ferrell 1933-42, 46-47 77-32 .706 Four
Reggie Morris 1988-91 72-25 .741 Two
Glenn Berry 1956-63 67-59 .531 Two
Kenny Patton 1976-80 59-51 .536 None
Steve Miller 1980-83 40-42 .487 One
Frank Flanigan 1963-68 35-89 .282 None
Glenn Ackerman Various 33-28 .540 Two
Art Williams 1949-50 24-10 .705 None
Gaston Green 1974-76 19-33 .365 None
Robert Withers 1983-85 17-29 .369 None
Ron McClurkin 1991-92 16-15 .516 None
William Shaw 1950-51 13-17 .433 None
Robert Fuhrer 1947-48 8-4 .666 None
Kenneth Curry 1985-86 8-20 .285 None
Harry Campbell 1929-30 7-1 .875 None