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Training Room Guidlines

Athletic Training Room Policy


General Guidelines

    1. Please ask permission before using supplies and equipment.
    2. All athletes must sign in before receiving any treatments.
    3. Food, drinks, chewing tobacco, smoking or bags inside the training room are strictly prohibited. Anything left in the athletic training room will be thrown away at the end of the day.
    4. NO cleats, spikes or shoes covered in mud or grass will be allowed inside the athletic training room.
    5. Please do not place anything on counters or tables. Leave all bags and backpacks outside or in your locker.
    6. Minimum Attire: Gym shorts for men; top and gym shorts for women.
    7. Please watch your language! This is a co-ed training room.

Service Policy

    1. All student athletes who have completed a physical within the current academic year may receive athletic training services during his/her seasonal sport.
    2. Only student-athletes receiving treatment or taping will be allowed in the athletic training room. THE ATHLETIC TRAINING ROOM IS NOT TO BE USED AS A LOUNGE OR SLEEP AREA!
    3. No student athlete will receive athletic training services during their off-season.
      An exception to the rule will be given to any student athlete who:
      a) Has initiated a rehabilitation program prior to the end of their season and
      displays good compliance with the program.
      b) Is enrolled in a 552 athletic course at LACC.
    4. If the training room is busy, then an in-season student athlete takes precedence over the off-season athlete.
    5. All athletes who feel that taping is necessary will be subject to an ankle-strengthening program prior to getting taped each time.
    6. The athletic training staff is available for advisory purposes for all student athletes during the course of the year.
    7. An Athletic Trainer must evaluate all athletes prior to them seeing the team physician. After an evaluation is complete, the athlete will be given an appointment date and time to see the team physician.

Treatment Policy

    1. Due to the high volume of athletes we have to treat, please be dressed in minimum attire when coming into the training room. You will not be allowed to change in the training room, THIS IS NOT A LOCKER ROOM.
    2. All trainer-assisted treatments will cease 30 minutes before practice starts or departure of away games and 1 hour prior to the start of all home games.
    3. Please shower before post-practice treatments.
    4. Please be in the training room no later than 15 minutes after practice concludes for post-practice treatment.

Taping Policy

    1. Taping will stop 30 minutes before the start of practice or departure of away games and 1 hour prior to the start of home games. No athlete will be taped after that time. Certain arrangements may be honored after a discussion with your coach and the training staff.
    2. All athletes must be out of the athletic training room 30 minutes before practice or departure of away games and 1 hour before home game events. DO NOT USE THE TRAINING ROOM AS AN EXCUSE FOR BEING LATE TO PRACTICE!
    3. When instructed to shave body parts, please do so at home before coming to the training room.
    4. Please make sure that your feet are clean before taping.