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The Associated Student Government

Student Clubs & Activities

Club List 

Agents of Change

President: Jaquelyn Pinto

Advisor: Dr. Miguel Coronado (323) 953-4000 EXT:2311

Meet: Mondays @3:00pm JH102 Bi-monthly

Anthropology Club

President: Angelica Nakashyan

Advisor: Tom Cano

Meet: Fridays @3:00pm-4:00pm Library (study rooms) weekly

Armenian Club

President: Elizabeth Babayan

Advisor: Tom Cano

Meet: Thursdays @1:00pm-2:00pm Library weekly

Art Club

President: Devi Ramirez

Advisor: Alexandra Wiesenfeld

Meet: Tuesdays @1:00pm Chem 112 weekly

Astronomy Club

President: Allan Ault

Advisor: Michael Hetman (323) 953-4000 EXT:2921

Meet: Wednesdays @5:30pm-6:30pm SCI 208 weekly 

Biology Club

President: Erick Rosales

Advisor: Sean Phommasaysy (323) 953-4000 EXT:2795

Meet: Mondays & Wednesdays @12:45pm-1:15pm SCI 132 monthly 

Cheer Club

President: Patsy Pineda

Advisor: Tanya Geddes

Meet: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays @2:00pm-5:00pm KIN 206 weekly 

Chemistry Club

President: Sang Suh

Advisor: Terry Bowan

Meet: Wednesdays & Thursdays @1:30pm-4:00pm SCI 305 weekly

Circle K International

President: Steven Diermissen

Advisor: April Pavlik

Meet: Tuesday @1:30pm Holmes Hall 102


President: Jakob Lampano

Advisor: Krixa Lim (323) 953-4000 EXT:2024

Meet: Tuesdays & Wednesdays @12:40pm-2:00pm JH 116 Bi-weekly

Culinary Club

President: Matthew Bakalinsky

Advisor: Tanya Geddes

Meet: TBA

Dance Club

President: Michelle Valencia

Advisor: Tanya Geddes

Meet: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday @12pm-2pm KIN 130 weekly

Deaf Life Club

President: Ricardo Sanchez

Advisor: Robert Dominick

Meet: TBA

D-Munch Club

President: Lala Griffith

Advisor: Gayle Stafsky

Meet: TBA

Explorers Club

President: Tiffany Youngren

Advisor: Kim Dinh (323) 953-4000 EXT:1602

Meet: Fridays @2:00pm-3:00pm SCI 301 Bi-monthly

Fitness Club

President: Faiaz Azim

Advisor: Robert McKinley

Meet: Thursdays @12:30pm-2:00pm KIN109 weekly

LACC Foreign Language and Culture Collective

President: Hannah Gehrels

Advisor: Dr. Berry

Meet: Wednesdays @11am-12pm HH2 Bi-weekly

French Club

President: Jack Malecha

Advisor: Francine Rozenpkoff

Meet: TBA

Forever Jung Psych

President: Wilbert Landaverde

Advisor: David Sedghi

Meet: Tuesdays @12:45pm HH6 weekly

First Year Experience (FYE)

President: Maribel Hernandez

Advisor: Nancy Cerda (323) 953-4000 EXT:2266

Meet: Fridays @10:30am HH106 Bi-weekly/monthly

High Risers

President: Andrew Cabrera

Advisor: Mario Escelante

Meet: TBA


President: Min Yu

Advisor: Carolina Yernazian

Meet: TBA

International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE)

President: Glenn Brightwell

Advisor: Richard P. Lewis (323) 953-4000 EXT:2757

Meet: Tuesdays @2:00pm-4:00pm HH202 Bi-weekly

LACC Literature Society

President: Cesar Lara

Advisor: Jeffrey Nishimura

Meet: Mondays @1:00pm-2:00pm & Thursdays @2:00pm-3:00pm JH 103 Bi-weekly

MLK Jr. Law Society

President: Martin Hernandez

Advisor: Wilhelm Vargas

Meet: TBA

Multi-Ethnic Christian Fellowship (MCF)

President: Kyu Yong

Advisor: Richard P. Lewis

Meet: Thursdays @11:30am-1:00pm HH105 weekly

Music Club

President: Matthew Bakalinsky & Marie Ipekyan

Advisor: Bernadette Tchen

Meet: TBA

Nursing Club

President: Stella Kim

Advisor: Katherine Beaumont

Meet: Thursday @12:30pm-2:00pm SCI 130 weekly

Paddle Club


Advisor: Carolina Yernazian

Meet: Tuesdays @12:30pm-2:00pm KIN 146 weekly 

LACC Live Performance Club (LLPC)

President: Sage Sanders

Advisor: Dr. Davis (323) 953-4000 EXT:2596

Meet: Wednesdays @1:30pm-2:30pm JH118 weekly

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

President: Hannah Gehrels

Advisor: Dr. Muller

Meet: Mondays @3:00pm-4:00pm AD301B weekly

Physics Club

President: Allan Ault

Advisor: Dr. Bhakta

Meet: Fridays @12:30pm-2:00pm SCI 208 weekly

Queer & Trans People of Color Collective (QTPOCC)

Presidents: Eve Moreno& Alexis Galan

Advisor: Oscar Santos

Meet: Mondays @4:00pm-5:00pm & Thursdays @1:00pm-2:00pm Kin 130 Bi-weekly

Safe Space

President: Amy Alvarado

Advisor: Sarah Crachiolo (323) 953-4000 EXT:2969

Meet: Mondays @2:00pm & Thursdays @3:30pm-4:30pm KIN103 Bi-weekly

Spanish Study Abroad

President: Franchette Luz

Advisor: Yelgy Parada (323) 953-4000 EXT:2735

Meet: Tuesdays @12:45pm-2:45pm JH117/JH118 weekly


President: Sierra Bell

Advisor: Michael Kalustian (323) 953-4000 EXT:2564

Meet: Wednesdays @1:00pm-3:30pm JH103 weekly

Tennis Club

President: Matthew Bakalinsky

Advisor: Carol Kozeracki & Andy Mozynd

Meet: Tuesdays & Thursdays @5:00pm-7:00pm Tennis Court weekly

Trail Adventures Club

President: Emma Smith

Advisor: Robert McKinley

Meet: Mondays @12:45 South KIN 102

Veterans' Club

President: Douglas Steen

Advisor: Krixa Lim (323) 953-4000 EXT:2024

Meet: Fridays @11:00am HH104 Bi-monthly

Vox Humana

President: Richard Lopez

Advisor: Christine Gengaro

Meet: TBA


President: Beatriz Orozco

Advisor: Tanya Geddes

Meet: TBA

Young People Open Minded

President: Brian Diaz

Advisor: Dr. Al-Alim

Meet: TBA

15 Stars

President: Farida Shuvwananova

Advisor: N/A

Meet: TBA

 Contact Us

Armineh Dereghishian
Student Services Specialist
Office of Student Life
(323) 953-4000 ext. 2450

 Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

 Upcoming Meetings

The next ASG meeting will be on August 4, 2017 in the SU 2nd floor conference room. Time to be determined. 

Los Angeles City College | 855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles California 90029


Phone: 323.953.4000


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