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   Shared Governance

Shared Governance at LACC


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Los Angeles City College is an urban oasis of learning
that educates minds, opens hearts,
 and celebrates community.


California Assembly Bill 1725 set forth the specific areas in which faculty, staff and students should be involved with the decision-making process of the institution.  This shared decision-making, known as “shared governance,” has as its goal to have the college arrive at decisions and solutions that are made better through the expertise of the participants and made more acceptable through the shared process.


Shared governance, simply stated, is shared involvement in the decision-making process in a climate of mutual trust.  It means involving all those affected by the decision in the process: faculty, classified staff, students, and administration.

The shared governance model envisioned in AB 1725 is based on cooperation, mutual trust, honesty, and consensus and shared values rather than on confrontation; the process is designed to consider various options openly and creatively rather than to defend alternatives.  In this model, shared governance emphasizes the expansion of options and opportunities among individuals who share in a common goal of providing quality education.




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