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IT Department

This page is provided by the IT department to answer some common questions.

For further technical information, call the IT Help Desk at extension 2049.

If you need training on using any of the LACC systems, contact the Staff and Organizational Development office at extension 2887.

If you need information about printing and making copies, contact the Instructional Multimedia Center (IMC) office at extension 2810.


Employee ID Card

  • In addition to identify the employee, the LACC Employee ID card is also used to:
    • Print/copy at the IMC office and other locations after adding value to the ID card.
    • Make copies at the Mail room after adding value to the ID card.
    • Enter to the assigned parking lots.
      (Read the Parking page for more information).
    • Enter to the Faculty lounge for faculty members.
  • Employee ID cards are issued by the IT department after the Plant Facilities office has provided the employee information to IT.
  • For new employees, the Employee ID card is issued together with the parking permit. Read the New Employees paragraph in the Parking page.
  • For current employees, whose ID card has been lost, stolen or damage, read the Lost or Stolen Permits/Cub Cards paragraph in the Parking page.
  • If the Employee ID card was issued damaged, read the Break in Service (BIS) paragraph in the Parking page.


    Information on the Employee ID
    The Employee ID contains the following information:
  • Employee's name.
  • Card Type (staff, faculty, ...).
  • Employee's department.
  • Parking access number (back of the card).
    The parking access number is different than the parking permit number located on the parking permit sticker.
  • Employee ID card policy (back of the card).


Policy on value
(Printed on back of ID card)
            " ...Stored value on lost or stolen card may not be replaced... "