Distance Education: students

 I want to take an online class, what do I do?

Students may enroll in online classes through the Student Information System anytime after their registration appointment date until the first day of the semester, or the class limit is reached. Instructors of class sections that have reached the enrollment cap may, at their discretion, add a limited number of additional students. The individual instructor must be contacted to determine if they are accepting add requests. Using your official, LACC-assigned student email addresses at  (username)@student.laccd.edu state your request to add the course including the Course Title and Section Number. Please also include your complete, official name and student ID number in all add requests.

I am enrolled in an online class, what do I do now?

  • Make certain that you list a correct email address in your student profile in the LACCD student information system, http://www.laccd.edu/student_information/sis_logon.asp.
  • Look for email messages from the instructor of your online course. These messages will be sent to your official, LACC-assigned student email addresses at  ____@student.laccd.edu.
  • Read the current schedule of classes for information about instructor contact and in-person meetings, http://lacitycollege.edu/schedule/openclasses/class-schedules.html. It is your responsibility to attend mandatory orientation meetings, and you may be dropped for non-attendance,
  • If you do not hear from your instructor within the first 2 days of the beginning of the term send them an email. In your email subject line state your course name and section#, include your complete, official name and student ID in the body of your message. A complete campus directory may be found here, http://directory.lacitycollege.edu/

 Student Resources

Counseling Appointments
Online Orientation
Office of Special Services

A complete list of Student Resources
Student Complaints and Grievance Procedures

Tips for being a successful online student

Quiz to self-assess readiness to be an online student

Instructions for how to conduct online research

Instructions on how to write a research paper

Guidelines for APA/MLA format of papers and/or citations

Link to campus Learning Skills Center

Link to Office of Special Services (student disability resource center)

Contact information for technical support or Help Desk

Checklist or other method for common troubleshooting tips

Minimum computer hardware and software requirements

Tips for avoiding and dealing with computer viruses

Sources for any required plug-ins Firefox, Chrome, Safari,

Tutorials & FAQ for how to use the Etudes tools

Netiquette guidelines

Link to the Etudes web site

Link to the Canvas web site

Help and Troubleshooting for Distance Ed Students using ETUDES

 Post a help ticket to ETUDES support