Office Relocations

List of Relocated Offices
Due to campus renovations, the following college offices have recently moved to the new locations given below:
 CalWorks:  Life Sciences 107    
 CalGrip:  Life Sciences 209A
 English/ESL Department:  Jefferson Hall 301    
 EOP&S:  Student Services Village 118    
 Fast Lab:  Student Services Village 125
 Financial Aid:  Student Services Village 117
 Foreign Languages & Humanities Department: Jefferson Hall 111 & 114
 Foster & Kinship Care:  Student Services Village 127C    
 Guardian Scholars Program:  Student Services Village 127
 Health & Wellness Office:  Life Sciences 101
 Journalism Department:  Chemistry Bldg. 208
 Law & Administration of Justice Department:  Chemistry Bldg. 119
 Learning Skills Department:  Life Sciences 208A
 Life Sciences Department:  SCI 222-I
 Music Department:  Da Vinci Hall 312
 OSS (Disabled Students Services):  Student Services Village 100
 Philosophy Department:  Chemistry Bldg. 210D
 Photography Department:  Chemistry Bldg. 11 (Basement)
 Psychology Department:  Chemistry Bldg. 111
 Speech Lab:  Life Sciences 105
 Staff Development:  AD 315
 rev. 9/29/11