asg Elections

2015 - 2016 ASG Election Results



Darrell Galloway   216
Bryant Woodert   283 *
Executive Vice President    
Rose Oscar   443*
No   61
Vice President of Finance    
Gilbert L. Aguilar   401*
No   91
Senator of ASG Membership Services    
Lavel Berry   377*
No   111
Senator of Enterprise and Commerce    
Silva Bosinyan   389*
No   94
Senator of Health and Wellness    
Gabriel Murat   362*
No   121
Senator of Equity and Diversity    
Owen Grissom   372*
No   109
Senator of Resources Services    
Jenne Henry   394*
No   87
Senator of Public Relations    
Scheick O. Toure   353*
No   131
Senator of Student Services    
Gerardo Zarate   391*
No   98



ASG Election Committee


Charity Tolefree 

Drew Doudaklian

Saeed Hossaeini 


Questions about elections are to be addressed to the Election Committee Chair Charity Tolefree . You can also visit the Office of Student Life and Leadership Development located in the second floor of the Student Union.