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Program’s Mission Statement: 
The mission of the EOPS program is to encourage the enrollment, retention and transfer of students handicapped by language, social, economic and educational disadvantages, and to facilitate the successful completion of their goals and objectives in college.

Program’s Description: 
EOPS/CARE is a state-funded retention and support program designed to facilitate the success of the financially and educationally disadvantaged student. Services provided by EOPS include registration assistance, EOPS specific mandatory orientations, academic counseling, book services, tutoring and transfer information. The CARE program is an extension of EOPS for single parents/heads of household receiving CalWORKS/TANF, who have at least one child under the age of 14. The services provided are: transportation passes/parking permits, books, supplies and meal tickets.

Program’s Learning Outcomes
The student will:

  1. Synthesize information to make forward progress and/or reach their educational goal.
  2. Improve study strategies to increase knowledge of subject manner.
  3. Use online and written resources to assist in their educational planning.

Welcome Address

Thank you for considering Los Angeles City College as an option for meeting your educational needs.

The EOPS/CARE program here at Los Angeles City College has a long history of assisting thousands of students to achieve their educational and career goals. The graduates from Los Angeles City College and the EOPS/CARE program have had great training and experiences which have enabled them to take on leadership roles within the community and become outstanding and valuable contributors to the community. With the educational experience you receive at Los Angeles City College and the assistance from the EOPS/CARE program anything is possible.

The EOPS program is designed to encourage and support students to be successful. Along with supporting students, the program has participation requirements that need to be met in order for students to continue their EOPS services. In exchange for your commitment, EOP&S will make available to you a number of support services such as priority registration, professional counseling, individualized & in-class tutoring and textbook assistance and much more.

Again, the faculty and staff at Los Angeles City College and the EOPS/CARE program are delighted that you have chosen to pursue your education and encourage you to take advantage of the EOPS/CARE program services to reach your goals.


Languages [PDF]

English · Spanish · Armenian · Russian