LACC Guardian Scholars Program











Veronica A. Garcia, M.S.
Program Director
Marisol Aguilar, M.S.
Academic Advisor
Myra Infante
Lead Program Assistant
Jon Lee
Tutoring Coordinator
Sergio Garcia
English/Math Tutor
Tania Carpena
Program Coordinator
Lidia Bernal
Student Coordinator


We support foster youth and ensure all students are provided with the same opportunities for growth and success.



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New Location: Student Services Village. [PDF]

Guardian Scholars Program (GSP)

The Guardian Scholars Program is designed to provide support for current and former foster youth. GSP serves as a support network in guiding students to meet their educational goal at Los Angeles City College and beyond.

From Guardian Scholars at LACC

GSP Services Include:  Guardian Scholars Program (GSP)
Financial Aid Package - Assistance in acquiring grant, scholarship packages, and emergency funding to help with tuition, supplies, and living expenses

Academic Advisement - Assistance with class selection, registering for courses and long-term planning to meet your educational goal of obtaining an trade, degree, or transferring to a university

Tutoring & Mentoring - Receive support in specific subject areas, and one-on-one peer mentorship Supplemental Support Services - Assistance with child care, transportation help, book and supply vouchers, etc.

Employment Services & Career Counseling - Resume building, shadowing, advising, and job placement

Personal Guidance, Counseling, Tutoring - Regular contact with a consistent counselor to develop and monitor an education plan

Housing - Assistance with finding housing, referrals and priority with year-round housing agencies 

Eligible students are:
- Current of former foster youth
- Enrolled in current semester as a full time student
- Between the ages of 16-24
- Maintain a 2.0 GPA

Connect with us at:
Los Angeles City College
Student Services Village, Rm 127
Phone: 323/ 953-4000 x2345

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