After you complete your application and get your registration appointment, you should proceed immediately to take your assessment test in the Assessment Office in AD 103. You will take a basic skills assessment in reading, writing, language usage, and mathematics to help you select appropriate courses. This is not an entrance exam to the college and you will not be penalized in any way for your score; however, it is a very important step in the enrollment process.

To take the ENL (English As a Native Language), English only, or Math only test, students must go to the Drop-In Center. To check-in, go to AD 103 during the hours listed below.

Monday               9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Tuesday               9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Wednesday        9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Thursday             9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Friday                    9:00 AM – 12:00PM

Please note that the online system will only allow you to sign up for the ESL (English as a Second Language) Test.

Assessment/Matriculation Office Hours:

Monday:         8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday:         8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday:   8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Thursday:       8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Friday:            8:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.


Assessment is part of the matriculation process and is necessary for any student that needs to satisfy math, English or reading prerequisites, or plan to do one or more of the following:

  • Transfer to a four-year institution
  • Earn a degree or certificate
  • Register for more than 6 units
  • Enroll in a course that has a math or English prerequisite

Students with college degrees are exempt from assessment unless they need to satisfy prerequisites or they choose to participate in this matriculation component. English 101 and Math 125 or higher is required at LACC for graduation.

You must have an application on file to take the test. If it is determined that you do not have a student application for LACC on file you will be excluded from the test. You can complete the application online at:



Click on the Assessment calendar link for the test schedule; however, you must have an appointment to take the test.


 What should I bring to the test?

Bring a picture ID, your student ID number, and your assessment appointment slip to the assessment test. Relax!

Where are the tests held?
If you scheduled an appointment for a test in the Assessment Office (AD 103), staff will direct you where you need to go to take your test. If you have scheduled your test online, please stop by the assessment office so that staff can direct you where you need to go.  If you are late to the testing site, please proceed directly to AD 103 to reschedule your appointment.

How long will the tests last?
Please budget about 3 hours if you are taking both the Math and English placement tests at the same time.  If you are taking the English Placement test only, budget 2 hours.  If you are taking only the ESL test, budget 2 ½  hours. For the Math (only) test budget about 1 ½ hours and allow 1 hour for the Chemistry 101 readiness exam.

What rules must be observed during the test?
If you scheduled an appointment for a test in the Assessment Office (AD 103), staff will provide you with brief instructions as to what you need to know and where to go. The proctor(s) in the computer lab will also provide you with brief instructions once you arrive and before you enter the lab. 

No food or beverages will be allowed. You may not use textbooks, notes, dictionaries, or calculators. Turn cell phones off. You may not use the computer for anything other than taking the assessment exam.

Any form of fraud (using a false name or social security/ID number, taking the exam for another student or any other form of cheating) constitutes a violation of the Standards of Student Conduct and may result in disciplinary action.

Your proctor will explain the process once you are in the Assessment Computer Lab. It is important that you enter your correct student ID number that starts with 88. The Admissions Office can provide you with a student ID number. Do you not use your driver’s license number, work identification number, etc. Using such numbers will only delay the time in which you get your assessment results and are able to register for your classes.

When will I get my test results?
Results are available online at .  

(Note: The proctor will inform you when your results will be available.)


What if I need special accommodations for the test?

The college staff provides appropriate assistance to students with special needs. (e.g. the hearing impaired may require interpreters and the visually impaired may need access to a print enlargement system). Learning disabled students may be given diagnostic tests administered by trained staff in the Office of Special Services. Please contact the Office of Special Services (OSS) in the Student Services Village for more information.


Must I enroll at the course level determined by the placement test?

You may enroll in a course at, or one level below, your placement level; however, you may not enroll in any courses above your placement. For example, if you place in Math 112 you may enroll in Math 112 or Math 105 because Math 105 is below Math 112. ESL students may enroll at their placement level or one level below their placement level. For example, if you place in ESL 4 you may enroll in ESL 4A or ESL 3A but not ESL 2A.


What do I do after I receive my test results?
If you are a new or returning student, please return to AD 103 or go online to the Matriculation Homepage to schedule an appointment for orientation.  Otherwise, you should speak with a counselor to confirm the accuracy of your course selection before you register and enroll in classes.


May I repeat the test?

You cannot repeat the test within a one year period.  Results are valid for a period of one year.  If you don’t feel well or have other reasons that would prevent you from doing your best on the day of the test, return to AD 103 to reschedule your appointment. Once you have begun the test the resulting scores will determine your placement for one year.

What if I don’t agree with my test results?
The placement tests are designed to help you achieve academic success. No one fails the test. The test helps us to determine the most appropriate classes for you to take. Remember we want you to succeed. We don’t want you to be in a class that is too difficult or too easy for you. The assessment process helps us to place you in classes where you have the best opportunity to succeed. If you feel you have prior coursework or other evidence that supports your placement in a higher-level class, you may request a “challenge form”. Take the challenge form, your placement results and supporting documents to the Math or English/ESL departments for review.


Most new students will take the computerized Math and English placement tests. Students with limited English language ability will take the ESL (English as Second Language) exam.


Click on the following link for a full description of the Math and English tests and to see sample questions:  Sample Questions [PDF] Additional test sample questions are available at

Students can prepare for the Placement Test and download the Accuplacer web app here:


The Chemistry 101 Readiness Exam is not being administered at this time. If you have questions regarding the Chemistry prerequisites, please go to the Chemistry Department.

Students who wish to enroll in Chemistry 101 must pass Chemistry 60 or 68 C or better, or pass the Chemistry Readiness Exam, and pass Math 125 or the equivalent with a C or better. Even if you pass the readiness exam, if you have limited chemistry laboratory experience you are encouraged to enroll in Chemistry 60 or 68 in order to acquire the skills needed for the laboratory in Chemistry 101.

The Chemistry Readiness test acquaints students with the skills that are needed to succeed in the general chemistry series and it identifies those students that are eligible for placement into Chemistry 101. For some students the examination will be a warning that their chances of obtaining a satisfactory grade in Chemistry 101 are very slight and that they must improve their knowledge by enrolling in Chemistry 60 or 68. A placement exam taken elsewhere cannot replace this exam- you must take it here at Los Angeles City College. YOU MAY ONLY TAKE THIS EXAM ONCE!

This 45-minute test consists of questions based on high school chemistry and high school mathematics. This includes questions on solving simple algebraic equations, on the use of proportions and percentages, and on solving word problems. The majority of the test deals with chemistry and is primarily concerned with concepts discussed in Chemistry 60 and 68, including: elements and their properties, chemical formulas, concentrations of solutions, gases, oxidation numbers, redox reactions, and the concepts of acids and bases.

The best preparation for the test (and for Chemistry 101) is to review the parts of high school algebra and chemistry that have been forgotten. Those who wish to prepare for the test and do not have a chemistry text may find helpful one of the books prepared for reviewing for the standardized achievement tests in chemistry. These can be obtained in any bookstore.

Scheduling a test appointment

Check the Assessment Office testing schedule for the exam dates and times. You must make an appointment in person in AD 103 or online. For more information contact the Assessment/Matriculation Office at (323) 953-4000, ext. 2264.


You will need to bring to the exam a number 2 pencil, your student ID number/ social security number and a NON-PROGRAMMABLE calculator. You will be given a periodic table for the exam. 


 Sample Questions [PDF]