Alternate Text Production Center

The Alternate Text Production Center provides eligible OSS students with alternate-textbook formats. The Alternate Text Production Center is located in Office of Special Services,the Student Services Village, Room # 104.


Links to forms



*These files require additional software to open Microsoft Office Files.

**These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free and can be found here:

Adobe Reader Download Link


Students approved for Alternate Media:

Get a head start and beat the beginning of the semester rush!!!


Fill out and email these forms to: .PDF File Icon (be SURE to have your email browser open).


Please note: you must provide your book receipt, syllabus and registration receipt to Cheryl Morrison or Kelvin Luong before picking up your materials.



kelvin luong

Kelvin Luong, B.S.
Instructional Assistant, Assistive Technology,

Alternate Media Center