Thursday, June 12th at the Greek Theatre at 5:00 P.M.
GRADUATION CANDIDATES LIST:  All students on the list are invited to particpate in the graduation ceremony. Click here to see the list of graduation candidates. Check to make sure your information is correct. If a correction is required, please email admissions@lacitycollege.edu The deadline for corrections to the graduation list is Tuesday, May 27th.
GRADUATION REHEARSAL:  There will be two rehearsals, Wednesday May 28th at 2pm and Thursday May 29th at 5pm, at the Student Union building 3rd floor patio.  You only have to attend ONE rehearsal.

LOCATION: Greek Theatre, 2700 North Vermont Avenue, due north of the college on Vermont, about ½ mile north of Los Feliz Boulevard.
TICKETS: Tickets are not required for your guests. 
PARKING: Free parking will be available. There are no buses that go to the Greek Theatre. Graduates should park south of the Theatre and guests in the lots north of the entrance. There will be parking attendants to direct you. Read the signs.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcements (optional) are available in the College Bookstore.
CAP, GOWNS, and TASSELS: Graduation apparel is available for purchase at the College Bookstore for $34.95 plus tax. All candidates MUST be robed in LACC caps and gowns to participate in the graduation exercises. They are yours to keep. Note – if you are in a different cap and gown you will not be allowed to march in the procession.
HONOR STUDENTS:   If you are an honor student, graduating with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better, please pick up your gold honor cord at the College Bookstore, compliments of the Associated Student Organization. The Bookstore personnel must verify your honor status before issuing you a gold honor cord. You will be asked to present a photo ID and sign a log verifying that you received your cord. If your name does not appear on the honor list, and you believe that you qualify for graduation honors, please speak with a graduation clerk in the Admissions and Records Office.
KENTI: African American and Latino American kentes are available at the College Bookstore. EOP&S, TRIO and CARE program students will receive kente from their respective programs.
RINGS: If you would like to purchase a class ring, you may pick up information and an order form at the College Bookstore. Prices vary upon style selected.
STUDENTS WITH PHYSICAL DISABILITIES: The processional/recessional will be going up and down stairs. Any physically disabled student that will need assistance must inform Dean Randy Anderson in the Office of Special Services no later than one week before the ceremony. Special arrangements will be made for those students to participate in the ceremony.
ASSEMBLY: The commencement will begin promptly at 5:00 p.m. with the processional. Graduates should assemble no later than 4:00 p.m. on the south side of the Greek Theatre. There will be signs directing you. Arrive dressed in your cap and gown. The honor students will head the lines, and then the remaining graduates will line up. Physically disabled students unable to walk to the stage will be seated prior to the beginning of the ceremony. Procession leaders will circulate through the line and distribute name cards.
If you want to sit with your friends make sure that you stand behind the person, not side-by-side. You will line up in two rows to enter the Greek and proceed along a main aisle, and then divide into separate columns to enter the aisles leading to the rows of seats.
Please remember that the graduation is a public ceremony. By participating in graduation, it is possible that the media or other photographers may use graduation photographs in newspapers, other publicity print mediums, or other video briefs on television news.
ORDER OF PROCESSION: The first person to enter is the Bearer of the Mace (the senior faculty member), followed by the faculty, staff, emeritus, and administration. They will form a line in the center aisle for the graduates to walk by. Then the candidates for graduation enter, walking down the center aisle. The right-hand column will turn into the first aisle. The left-hand column will proceed to the further aisle to the seats. The Procession Leaders will direct you to your seats. Finally, the platform party enters.
Remain standing until the platform party is on the stage, and then the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem are over. You will be directed when to be seated.
NAME CARDS: You will be given a name card when you are waiting in line. You will need to clearly print your name on it and you will keep the card with you until you walk onto the stage. You will give the name card to the announcer at the podium. They will keep the card and give it to the photographer at the end of the ceremony. The readers have been instructed not to read additional comments written on the cards. The photographer will take a picture of you as you receive your in-lieu diploma.
DIPLOMAS: At the ceremony you will receive a small scroll that is an “in-lieu” diploma. The Graduation Unit within the Admissions Office will notify you by mail when your diploma is ready to be picked up. It usually takes six months after you have completed all of your coursework. Degree conferral is contingent upon final grades from the Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 semester.
TASSELS: While preparing for the procession to begin, position the tassel on your mortarboard (hat) on the right side. Towards the end of the ceremony you will be instructed to switch the tassel from the right to the left side of your hat. When marching in the recessional the tassel will be on the left side to signify that you are a graduate.
RECESSIONAL: You will exit the ceremony in reverse order. The platform party will exit first, followed by the faculty, administration, etc. Associate degree graduates will exit after the faculty, row by row. Remain standing until your row is cleared for exiting.
The Procession Leaders will lead you in, direct you to your seats, indicate when to rise and walk in line to the stage, and will guide you out. Please watch them and follow their directions.
GRADUATION PORTRAITS: Graduates may have individual commemorative photographs taken on May 23rd 11am-4pm and June 2nd 1pm-6m – Student Union Club Meeting Room. Caps and gowns will be provided.   Portrait packages range in price from $25 to $66, payable at the time of the sitting. If you have questions, contact Ultimate Exposures (877) ULT-EXPO. To schedule your appointment, visit www.ultimateexposures.com and click on the "schedule a sitting" button, then click "Cap and Gown". Select "Los Angeles City College" then select the date and time that works best for you.
COMMENCEMENT PHOTOGRAPHS: As indicated above, photographers will take pictures of each student as he/she receives the in-lieu diploma. If you provide your contact information on the name card, Ultimate Exposures will send you photo proofs. You are under no obligation to purchase the picture. If you have any questions after the ceremony contact Ultimate Exposures (818) 781- 9530.
Congratulations, LACC Graduates!!!