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LACC - Timeline

A History in Pictures

Dr. William H. Snyder, Director


Dr. William H. Snyder becomes first President of Los Angeles Junior College

Dr. William H. Snyder, formerly Principal of Hollywood High School, served as LAJC's President from 1929 until 1934.

View of Administration Building and quadrangle in 1929


On September 9, 1929, Los Angeles Junior College opened its doors for the first time with more than 1,300 students and 54 teachers.

Enrollment at LAJC Tops 1500 as the First Term Opens: City Total 300,000

In the Junior College Weekly: President Snyder discusses school needs, a mention of faculty being hired from various States, and photos of the lines to register.

Cover of the Los Angeles Junior College Weekly from September 20, 1929


Los Angeles Collegian student newspaper article about first official campus clubs.

1st yearbook of Los Angeles Junior College, "This is number 1 of a special gift edition of the 'Junior Campus' of which seventeen copies have been printed." Club pictures appear from the  Parliament, French, Writer's Women's Athletic, German, Spanish & Science clubs.

LAJC's Newly retitled "Junior Collegian" newspaper announces that the organization of All Clubs Pass Board: the paper lists all officially approved clubs in first year - Parliament Club, Letterman's Club, Writer's Club, Spanish Club, German Club, French Club, Science Club, Music Club, Art Club, and the Women's Athletic Association.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, November 22 1929


The first theatrical production, "Queen's Husband," at Los Angeles Junior College campus.

Dramatic Production "Queen's Husband" Is Tremendous Success: announces 1st play review.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, December 13, 1929
Sheet music for the Los Angeles Junior College Hymn


The creation of the Los Angeles Junior College hymn.

Score to LAJC hymn as "Dedicated to Dr. W. H. Snyder and the First Student Body of L.A.J.C."

Commencement - Invitation and Program folder


Invitation and program for Los Angeles Junior College first graduating class.

1st Graduation Class Invitation and Program, Delta Class of 1931.

Inside of the graduation program
Team photo of the 1932 LAJC Cross Country team


Los Angeles Junior College Cross Country team wins conference and A.A.U. Championships.

Originator of the ten-week Victory Program is Director Rosco C. Ingalls.


Dr. Rosco C. Ingalls becomes Los Angeles Junior College's second President.

1934 - 1945: Dr. Rosco C. Ingalls, Director.

From the Junior Collegian: Student head Welcomes Director Ingalls.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, September 14, 1934
Aerial view of campus in 1938


The school changes its name to Los Angeles City College (LACC).

New buildings are under construction and ground breaking ceremonies are held on campus.

A 1938 newsletter announces new buildings being started, and ground breaking ceremonies for the Men's Gymnasium annex and for Holmes Hall. It also mentions other buildings nearing completion: Music building, Library, Chemistry building, Life Sciences Building and the Student Union. 

LAJC Newsletter from April 1, 1938
The queen of the ball - Actress Donna Reed (then Donna Mullenger)


LACC student Donna Mullenger (Donna Reed) receives acting contract with MGM Studios.

Coeds Vie for Crown at Dance

From the Collegian: Last Semester's "Queen of the Ball," Donna Mullenger, will act as one of the judges in the beauty contest. Miss Mullenger, a drama and radio student while attending school, is now under contract at M.G.M. studios.

An article in the Collegian, published on may 20, 1941
Author Carl Sandburg


American author Carl Sandburg speaks at LACC.

American Author Carl Sandburg Speaks in Last Event of Series.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, January 16, 1942
City College alumnus Daniel DeLuce wins a pulitzer prize for outstanding war reporting


The Collegian, the student newspaper, receives its first prestigious award

Press Association Honors Collegian - Campus Newspaper Wins CSPA Medalist Award; Places Among Upper Ten Per Cent of Class Entries.

LACC alumnus Daniel DeLuce wins the Pulitzer Prize for outstanding war reporting.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, May 5, 1944
LACC student and former national swimming champion Esther Williams


LACC student Esther Williams receives acting contract with MGM Studios.

Esther Williams Reaches Stardom: announces student's Hollywood contract

Page for of the Collegian, from March 23, 1945
Dr. Einar Jacobsen, third president of LACC


Dr. Einar W. Jacobsen becomes third president of LACC.

1946 - 1948: Dr. Einar W. Jacobsen, President.

Dr. Einar Jacobsen, president of L.A.C.C., finds in City College the answer to Los Angeles' pressing need for a municipal college to provide students with additional opportunities on a higher educational level.

Students gather for commencement in the quad


LA City College and LA State College Commencement ceremonies takes place on campus.

LACC President Dr. Howard S McDonald


Dr. Howard S. McDonald becomes fourth president of LACC.

1949 - 1955: Dr. Howard S. McDonald, President.

Picture of McDonald from College Times newspaper, special edition no. 4
Miss USA - Myrna Hansen


Miss USA, Myrna Hanson, enrolls at LACC.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, March 12, 1954
Ariel view of LACC from Dec 1950


LACC receives first accreditation from Western College Association.

The LACC Administration Building in 1954


A View of the LACC Campus

Dr. John Lombardi


Dr. John Lombardi becomes LACC's fifth president.

1955 - 1966: Dr. John Lombardi, President.

The Collegian from March 29, 1966
Illustration of new buildings to be added to the campus.


LACC ranked the nation's largest junior college in enrollment; campus adds five buildings.

The Los Angeles Examiner reports on the addition of the physical sciences, engineering-journalism, auditorium, administration and library buildings.

Pamphlet for the dedication of new buildings at LACC


Dedication of Jefferson Hall and Women's Physical Education Building.

The pamphlet describes Jefferson Hall as the "first building to be completed in Phase I of a major modernization program for the Los Angeles City College campus."

Interior pages of the pamphlet with illustrations of the new buildings
From the Collegian - Administration Building Blows its Top


Demolition of the Administration Building

Various stages of demolition of the Administration building
First lady Eleanor Roosevelt


Eleanor Roosevelt speaks on campus.

From the Collegian: Mrs. FDR Speaks Today: 'First Lady' Talks on Snyder Field 

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, April 24, 1962
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks on campus.

From the Collegian: Dr. M.L. King Speaks Today: Snyder Field Scene of Noted Integration Leader's Lecture

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, December 14, 1962
The Theatre Arts Building at LACC


Dedication of new Theatre Arts building.

The LACC Theatre Arts Building
Dr. Glenn G. Gooder


Dr. Glenn G. Gooder becomes LACC's sixth president.

1966 - 1970: Dr. Glenn G. Gooder, President.

Dr. Gooder succeeded Dr. Lombardi as LACC President a/o April 11, 1966. 


Southern Senator Leroy R. Johnson speaks on campus.

Nite News: "Senator Leroy R. Johnson, the first Negro to hold that office in Georgia in 92 years, will lecture May 15 at 8pm in the Student Center..."

Cover of the Nite News from May 15, 1967
Author Ray Bradbury


Author Ray Bradbury speaks at LACC.

Author Ray Bradbury Honored at AS Luncheon: Spoke at LACC Student Center

Article from the Collegian, December 12, 1967


Creation of the Los Angeles City College Foundation.


Separation of the nine campus Los Angeles Community College District from the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Official reorganization of the Los Angeles City Junior College District from the Los Angeles Unified School District

Cover for the student paper Machete, published December 10, 1968


LACC publishes Machete, first edition of a bilingual newspaper.

A cover story in the Los Angeles Times about a barricade erected on campus


LACC affected by LA riots

Los Angeles Times story - Negro Militant Strike Closes 2 LA Schools Disrupts
The front page of the Black CFall student newspaper at LACC - Malcom X Lives - Students Honor Malcom X


LACC students honor the life of activist Malcom X

Dr. Louis Kaufman


Dr. Louis Kaufman becomes seventh president of LACC.

1970 - 1973: Dr. Louis Kaufman, President.

Koltai to Fill Board Post.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, October 6, 1972
An actor in the production of Henry IV, part I


LACC's Theater Arts Department presents "Henry IV, Part 1" as their 500th production.

The LACC Theater Arts Department’s 500th production in its 43rd year on campus presented “Henry IV, Part I” by William Shakespeare. This production was an entry in the American College Theatre Festival IV presented by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Smithsonian Institution.

The LACC Theatre Department invited former theatre alumni to celebrate the 500th production in December. Some of the former students included, James Coburn, Alexis Smith, Donna Reed, Robert Vaughn, Al Freeman Jr., Alan Arkin among others.

Photos from the production of Henry IV, part I


Emergence of diverse cultural campus events.

Asian History and Culture Week: sponsored by the American Cultures Department with the cooperation of Asian-American Studies.

Los Angeles City College and M.E.C.H.A presents: Cinco de Mayo Festival

Flyers for various cultural events on campus
Dr. John H. Anthony


Dr. John H. Anthony becomes eighth president of LACC.

1973 - 1977: Dr. John H. Anthony, President.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, September 18, 1973
Program for the dedication of the Radiologic Technology Building


Completion and dedication of the new Radiologic Technology Building.


LACC introduces community classes making the campus a seven-days a week institution.

LACC becomes a 7 day a week institution with the introduction of community classes.


Children's Center opens on LACC campus.

New Children's Center announcing April 3rd dedication.

Article announcing the opening of the new Children
Dr. Stelle Feuers


Dr. Stelle Feuers becomes LACC's first female president, the ninth president of LACC.

1978 - 1989: Dr. Stelle Feuers, President.


Enrollment reaches 24,000 students.

Enrollment has steadily increased from 1500 on opening day to about 19,000 in 1978.

Resolution certificate awarded to Los Angeles City College for its service to the Los Angeles community since 1929


City of Los Angeles acknowledges LACC in recognition of its service to the LA community since 1929.

Resolution certificate awarded to Los Angeles City College for its service to the Los Angeles community since 1929.

The Communication Center


Communications Center opens on LACC campus including a television studio.

Activist Gore Vidal


Prominent personality and activist Gore Vidal speaks on LACC campus.

Students protest the raising of tuition


As a result of Prop 13, which took away all colleges' rights to raise money through local taxation, tuitions were imposed at LACC resulting in student protests.

Tuition Protest Staged.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, February 14, 1983


County of Los Angeles acknowledges LACC for its assistance during the 1984 Summer Olympic games.

Los Angeles City College recieves an award from the County of los Angeles for assistance during the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Award to Los Angeles City College for assistance during the 1984 Summer Olympics
Civil rights leader and presidential candidate Jesse Jackson


Civil rights leader and presidential candidate Jesse Jackson speaks at LACC campus.

Jesse sees possibility of 'great' future and Noted Alumnus Murray Fromson speaks at City.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, May 13, 1988
Dr. Edwin Young


Dr. Edwin Young becomes tenth president of LACC.

1989 - 1991: Dr. Edwin Young, President.

Edwin Young is chosen as permanent City president.

President Jose L. Robledo


Jose L. Robledo becomes eleventh president of LACC.

1991 - 1997: Mr. Jose L. Robledo, President

Article in the Collegian from March 25, 1997


Men's basketball team wins State Championship.

Dr. Mary Spangler


Dr. Mary Spangler becomes twelfth president of LACC.

1997 - 2003: Dr. Mary Spangler, President

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, March 25, 1997
The Collegian from August 31, 1998, featuring an article about Robert Vaughn


LACC alumnus actor Robert Vaughn receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Alumnus Robert Vaughn honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame..


Santa Monica Boulevard - Vermont Avenue LACC MTA Station opens on campus allowing students to take subway to the college.

An article about Proposition A and its effects on the LACC campus


As a result of Proposition A, LACC is slated to receive a $147 million face lift.

$1,245,000,000 will "Rebuild" Los Angeles Community Colleges, Say Chancellor - features picture of LACC with caption "As a result of Prop. A., Los Angeles City College is slated to get a $147 million face lift. 

Dr. Doris Givens


Dr. Doris Givens becomes LACC's first African American president, the 13th at LACC.

2003 - 2005: Dr. Doris Givens, President

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, October 7, 2003
The LACC Foundation celebrates the LACC Men


LACC Men's Basketball team becomes 2003 State Champions.

Page 5 of the Los Angeles Collegian, March 25, 2003


LACC's Math Team wins National American Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges Competition (AMATYC) for the first time.

Dr. Steve Maradian


Dr. Steve Maradian becomes fourteenth president of LACC.

2005 - 2007: Dr. Steve Maradian, President

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, October 15, 2005
Dr. Jamillah Moore


Dr. Jamillah Moore becomes fifteenth president of LACC.

2007 - 2012: Dr. Jamillah Moore, President

Representatives from LACC, the Disctrict, and local and state governments at the official opening of the new library


New Martin Luther King Jr. Library opens on LACC campus.

The October 10, 2008 dedication of the new library along with the inauguration of new president Jamilla Moore. 

The Martin Luther King Jr. Library
President Renée Martinez


Renée Martinez becomes sixteenth president of LACC.

2012 - 2018 : Mrs. Reneé Martinez, President

The LACC Student Union Building


New Student Union building opens on LACC campus.

Images from the ribbon cutting ceremony appear in the Collegian from December 5, 2012


LACC Journalism students win 10 regional awards from the Journalism Association for Community Colleges (JACC).

The President
Ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Kinesiology building


New Kinesiology building opens on LACC campus.

Build LACCD Newsletter:  Los Angeles City College Celebrates Opening of Kinesiology Building

The Kinesiology North Building


Renovations are completed on Clausen Hall.

From the Los Angeles Collegian: "The remodeled Clausen Hall includes a 200-seat recital hall, a 150-seat lecture hall, a music library and study area, an electronic music studio, 35 large practice rooms, a renovated band room, coaching studios and faculty offices."

Article announcing the opening of Clausen Hall, from the Collegian April 22, 2015
Jazz musician Herb Alpert


The Herb Alpert Foundation makes a $10.1 Million Donation to LACC's Applied Music Program.

The donation is the largest gift to an individual community college in the history of Southern California, and will provide all music majors at the school with a tuition-free education.

Clausen Hall is later renamed the Herb Alpert Music Center in honor of Mr. Alpert's generosity.

Cover of the Los Angeles Collegian, September 28, 2016
The Student Services Building


New Student Services Building opens on campus.

President's Progress Report Feb 2017: featuring an article about the completion of the new Student Services Building

Performers and celebrity guests at the live reading of the Rodney Dangerfield film "Back to School"


Creation of the Rodney Dangerfield Institute in honor of the late comedian, Rodney Dangerfield.

A live reading of the Rodney Dangerfield film "Back to School" is held in Camino Theatre on campus. Celebrity participants included Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond), Paul Rodriguez (The Original Latin Kings of Comedy), Craig Gass (stand-up comic, impressionist), Harry Basil (stand-up comic, writer, actor) and Devon Werkheiser (Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide).

Celebritiy performers on stage during the live reading of the Rodney Dangerfield film "Back to School"
Activist Gloria Steinem and entrepreneur and visionary Samantha Ramirez-Herrera


Feminist and activist Gloria Steinem and entrepreneur Samantha Ramirez-Herrera are headline speakers for "A Conversation on DACA" on the LACC campus.

Press Release: Gloria Steinem and Samantha Ramirez-Herrera to Speak at Los Angeles City College
Actor Mark Hamill


Alumnus Mark Hamill receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce Honors Actor Mark Hamill with Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Mark Hamill with his star on the walk of fame
Dr. Mary Gallagher


Dr. Mary Gallagher becomes seventeenth president of LACC.

2018 - Present: Dr. Mary Gallagher, President


LACC places first, for the sixth time, in American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) national math competition.

The Math Team also placed first in 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2014.

Student Math League Scoreboard Results for the 2018 American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges competition
Students receive free groceries from the pop-up food bank


Pop-up Food Pantry opens on LACC campus, providing free food to students on Mondays and Thursdays.

Pop-up Food Pantry at LACC announces regular free food service as part of the Food for Thought Project

Mayor Eric Garcetti assists a student filling out a voter registration form


LA Mayor Eric Garcetti visits campus to register student voters.

Mayor Eric Garcetti visits campus to host student voter registration at LACC.

School officials and student veterans appear at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Veteran


New Veteran's building opens on LACC campus.

The LACC Community Garden in the North Quad


Earth Day celebration and opening of the new campus garden.

President Gallagher with members of the LACCD Board of Trustees


The Los Angeles Community College District officially Congratulates LACC on its 90 Years of Service

"...the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees celebrates the rich history of Los Angeles City College on its 90th Anniversary of providing the students of Los Angeles with a first class community college education..."

The official congratulatory document from the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees
The rainbow colored BETRUE track seen from above with the LA skyline visible in the distance


Nike’s BETRUE Rainbow Track Unveiled at LACC

On Friday, October 11, LACC and Nike teamed to host the official launch of the track. The multi-colored design was inspired by Gilbert Baker, designer of the iconic Rainbow Flag.

The unveiling and dedication coincided with National Coming Out Day and represented a safe inclusive space for LGBTQ athletes and allies.

Olympian Kerron Clement, and LACC President Dr. Mary Gallagher with a dedication plaque for the new track.