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Interview with an Actor

Rachel, Theatre Academy | Originally Published: 2/4/2018

Actors aren't always on stage! Read about the behind the scenes experience one can get at the LACC Theatre Academy.

In the flurry of a performance, I was able to briefly sit down with the Stage Manager of the Red Bill of Student Directed One Acts this Winter Semester to talk about what his job was and the lessons he learned.

Hello! What is your name?

My name is Jared Walters.

What are you doing this Winter Semester at the Theatre Academy?

I am stage managing the Red Bill for the Student Directed One Acts.

Are you an acting student or a tech student?

I am a second semester acting student.

Is this your first time being a stage manager?

Yes it is.

How has it been like being a stage manager coming from the acting department?

It's really hard but the learning experience I’m gaining is exponential and and I wouldn't be able to get it anywhere else. And the support I've gained too, I wouldn't want it any other way and I'm very happy to be here.

A lot of actors start with stage managing jobs to help them find acting jobs in their careers. Would you consider doing that?

Definitely, yeah. I think having an understanding of what stage managing is and what it entails is very important for an actor to know and it's a good job too.

What does a stage manager do? And what are you doing specifically for the one acts as a stage manager?

I am documenting everything that happens within each rehearsal, getting information from the directors, and having production meetings with costume designers, lighting designers, sound designers. We are continually talking each week and figuring out what each show needs. And then from there working on cue to cue, dress rehearsals, and exactly when the light & sound cues are supposed to go. Additionally I'm letting every actor know when they're supposed to be here for rehearsals what time they’re supposed to be here for the show dates, and making sure everyone’s on time along with being here and present to make sure the show runs smoothly

Have you had to do a lot of work outside of class on your own to prepare for it?

Yes. Reading the scripts, understanding the plays, and knowing the schedule.

Thank you so much Jared, have a great show!



Being called away to fix a light cue, Jared headed back upstairs to the Cameo Theatre behind a dark glass window in the back of the audience where he managed, through a headset connected to the light, sound, and assistant managers, three shows of the Student Directed One Acts.

About The Author

Rachel is a Theatre Major and a member of the LACC Theatre Academy from the Bay Area. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue theatre and is currently in her second year.

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